Using Shutdown Timer on Windows 10

From time to time every PC user faces a situation when it needs to go somewhere but can’t shut down a PC right now because of some task running. In such a situation Windows 10 shutdown timer is your best friend. Windows has the necessary utilities and commands for you to shut down a PC on a timer. Unfortunately, they are no to obvious and very few know about them. Now it is a time for you to learn how to use a PC shut down timer in Windows 10.

Shutdown Timer on Windows 10

You can use a special Windows shutdown timer command to turn off or restart your PC on a timer. If you want to turn off PC using timer, hit Win + R on your keyboard and enter the following shutdown command: shutdown -s -t XX. Let us make things clear and tell you what is what.

shutdown timer windows 10

The shutdown is a primary command. It tells your system that it should locate a shutdown.exe app within the system files and run it. It is responsible for the shutting down procedure. Additional arguments are required to either power off, restart, or hibernate. -S argument specifies power off command. -T argument tells that shutdown should be performed after the defined period. XX stands for the amount of time in seconds.

Suppose you want to shut down Windows 10 PC on a timer in 1 hour. In order to do so, you need to open Run (Win + R) and enter shutdown -s -t 3200 and hit Enter. Windows will notify you about the scheduled shutdown.

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windows shutdown timer

If you want to cancel PC shut down on a timer, again, hit Win + R and enter shutdown -a. This cancels all scheduled tasks. Windows will notify you that the scheduled shutdown has been canceled.

cmd shutdown timer

You can also use PowerShell shutdown timer. All the commands are the same, just like for the Run and Command Prompt.

Here are a few more options you may consider useful regarding shutting down a PC on a timer.

  • -r – schedules a restart. Here is the example:
    shutdown -r -t 60

    This command means your PC will restart itself in 60 seconds from the moment you hit Enter button. You can use this command in Run box, Command Prompt or PowerShell.

  • -h – schedules a hibernation. It works only if you have enabled a hibernation on your PC. Example:
    shutdown -h -t 120

    When you use PowerShell shut down timer, Command Prompt or Run box with this command, Windows will hibernate your PC in two minutes. Obviously, you can enter whatever amount of time you prefer.

How to Create Shutdown Timer Shortcut on Windows 10?

If you plan to use Windows 10 shutdown timer frequently, it is nice to have some shortcuts in order not to enter commands manually every time you want to use shutdown timer. Here is how to do it.

  1. Right-click any empty space on your Desktop or within any folder you want to place your shortcut to. Select New – Shortcut. schedule shutdown windows 10
  2. On the first window enter the command shutdown -argument -t XX. Instead of argument place s to shut down, r to restart or h to hibernate. Instead of XX enter the amount of time you want to set a timer to. Remember to specify seconds, not hours or minutes. pc shutdown timer
  3. Give your shortcut a proper name. Call it whatever you want. For example, Shutdown in 1 hour.
  4. Done. All you need to do is run the shortcut. pc shutdown timer windows 10

You can create any amount of PC shut down timer shortcuts you prefer and keep them whenever you want. Just make sure to name them properly. In the same manner, you can create a shortcut that cancels the scheduled shutdown. And one more thing: don’t use this method as a parental control feature. Windows has a separate mechanism to regulate how much time your kids spend with a computer.

That’s it.

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