How to Connect Android/iPhone to Windows 10 via Remote Desktop?

Computer control methods do not remotely fall under the downtrend of the constant development of IT. Yes, they are also developing, but nevertheless, to a greater extent, this is a stable mechanism, which is improved only over a long period. However, thanks to the development of mobile technologies, this process is becoming more diverse and comfortable. This article covers how to connect Android/iPhone to Windows 10 via Microsoft Remote Desktop, TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop.

Please note: the version of Android and iPhone must be at least 7.

Method 1: Using Microsoft Remote Desktop

MRD is the classic way to connect a mobile device to manage Windows 10. First, you need to prepare the system on your computer for this procedure, and best of all, an auxiliary program from Microsoft does this:

  1. On the official download MRD assistant, which will help configure the system for remote connection. Install it by pressing the appropriate button.
    windows remote desktop android
  2. After starting, agree to the terms of use and press Accept.
    remote desktop windows 10 android
  3. Wait until the program completes the configuration, and then displays the data for connecting to the Windows. remote desktop connection android

Now you can use your mobile device to connect. To do this, use MRD application, which is available in the App Store and Play Market.

Please note: below is an example usage on Android. On the iPhone, some elements may differ in appearance or location, but the principle of operation is the same.

  1. Launch this app on your phone. Accept the terms of use.
    remote access windows 10 from android
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the plus (+) and select Desktop. remote desktop android to windows 10
    windows rdp android
  3. Next, specify the PC name that the MRD assistant program suggested and press Save in the upper right.
    remote desktop from android to windows 10
  4. A new connection will appear in the main menu of the program. Click on it.
    rdp android to windows
  5. At the first connection, a window will appear confirming whether you trust the device to be connected.
    remote desktop windows 10 from android
  6. In the next window, input the “User name” suggested by the assistant and the password for the Windows user. Then click “Connect”. windows 10 android remote desktop
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After a few seconds, a connection will be made, and the phone will display the PC desktop with the ability to control.

remote desktop connection android to windows 10

To close the current session, click on the cross in the upper left corner of this connection.

This method has a significant drawback: you can connect only within the same network. If you need to control the device regardless of location, you should consider one of the methods described below.

Method 2: using TeamViewer

This is a fairly popular program for managing a remote device, regardless of your location, which works on all systems and almost all devices. It is installed on a computer and phone, and a unique generated ID and password is used as a connection method.

The program is paid, but it can be used for free without using commercial benefits. A registered account will allow you to log in to such a program anywhere in the world and connect to remote devices, if there is data for this.

  1. Download TeamViewer from the official website (DON’T USE THE APP FROM MICROSOFT STORE) on your computer, install it by following the simple instructions, and launch it.
  2. The “Remote Control” tab shows the data for connecting to this PC. They will need to be entered in the program on another device. Therefore, for now, leave TeamViewer running on the computer.
    android windows 10 remote desktop
  3. Install and launch TeamViewer on your smartphone (App Store, Play Market).
  4. Read the introductory instructions for working with the application by reading a few slides.
    android rdp to windows 10
  5. In the main window of the program, in the “Partner ID” field, enter the ID that is written in the program on the computer and press “REMOTE CONTROL”.
    rdp from android to windows 10
  6. Then enter the password that is written below the ID → OK.
    remote access windows 10 android
  7. A successful connection will be accompanied by a window with instructions for managing a remote device on the smartphone screen. Click “Continue”. remote access windows from android
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In order to interrupt the current session from the phone, click on the cross in the control panel.

windows 10 remote access android

To hide this panel, click on the arrow on the right.

windows 10 remote desktop from android

Method 3: using Chrome Remote Desktop

It uses the Chrome Remote Desktop program from Google.

  1. On your computer, open the Google Chrome browser and go to the remote control settings (make sure that you are logged in with your Google account). Click on the arrow on the right side of the page to download the program.
    remote desktop android windows
  2. After that, this button will change to “ACCEPT & INSTALL”. Press on it.
    remote desktop windows 10 to android
  3. Confirm the installation in the pop-up notification window and wait for the process to complete.
  4. After that, in the same window where the program was downloaded from, the input field with the already entered computer name will appear. Click “NEXT”.
    android to windows 10 remote desktop
  5. Create a PIN for access and press “START”.
    remote desktop connection windows 10 android

After a few seconds, the status of the computer will be displayed on this page.

rdp windows android

Now on the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Download the same application in the Play Market or App Store and launch it (make sure that you have previously added a Google account on your phone).
  2. In the list of devices, select your computer windows remote desktop android rdp
  3. Next, input the created PIN and click “CONNECT”. windows 10 remote desktop android rdp

This will make a remote connection to Windows 10 via Chrome RD.

windows 10 remote desktop android rdp teamviewer

Disconnection occurs through a button with three dots on the right → Disconnect.

windows 10 remote desktop android teamviewer

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