How to Change Downloads Folder Location in Windows 10?

By default, Windows saves downloads to the system drive C: which is not very safe or convenient. Many users know that it is not wise to store important files on system drive because of the risks of losing data. It is also not so convenient to move downloads every time system finishes saving them, especially if you download a lot of files regulars. Thus, important question arises: how to change Downloads folder in Windows 10?

First, let’s consider changing default Downloads folder location in Microsoft Edge. Not so long-ago Microsoft allowed users to change where to save downloads in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and click three dots button in the top-right corner, below the close button.

Change Downloads Folder Location in Windows 10

  1. Select General and scroll down to the Downloads section. It will show you current default downloads location. For example, C:\Users\Admin\Downloads.
  2. Click Change and select the folder you want system to use instead of the default one.

Change Downloads Folder Location in Windows

  1. Also, pay your attention to the Ask me what to do with each download toggle. If you disable it, Windows will automatically save every download straight to the folder you have selected. It is convenient option that saves you a couple of clicks.

If Microsoft Edge is not your choice, there is a way to change default downloads location Windows 10 globally. Any browser you use will use this setting and save each download to the folder you have set.

  1. Open File Explorer and locate Downloads library from the left navigation panel or from the primary window. Right-click it and select Properties. Change Downloads Folder Location
  2. Now you have to open Location tab and click Move button. Downloads Folder Location in Windows 10
  3. File Explorer windows will appear in which you will have to choose the new downloads folder. Press Ok. After you do this, a special prompt will appear on the screen asking whether you want to keep existing files inside the default folder or you want to move them to the new one. Change Downloads Folder Location on Windows 10
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Now every browser will be saving your downloads to the specified location.

If you decide to revert the settings and bring back Downloads folder to its default location, just click Restore default.

Downloads Folder Windows 10

You can override this setting by selecting another downloads folder inside the specific browser settings. For example, here is Google Chrome settings page where you can change downloads folder.

Downloads Folder Location on Windows 10

Luckily enough, every modern browser allows you to customize downloads folder and avoid using default one. Years ago some users recommended using Registry Editor to change Downloads folder location, but nowadays there is no need to use this old method because Windows and third-party browsers provide you appropriate user-friendly settings. As you see, there is enough methods to change downloads folder location in Windows 10. Select whatever fits your preferences.

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