How to Remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most used OS all over the world which gives users 2 built-in Internet browsers. One of them is the first thing that user facing while running Windows for the first time — Microsoft Edge browser. It was presented in 2015 as a browser to replace Internet Explorer and since then developers pay a maximum attention to this new Microsoft product. Developers still leave this browser in Windows 10 because it is still widely used by corporate segment. For common user that doesn’t play any role, so in 99% of cases old browser remains unused. That’s why we think you might be interested to know how to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

How to Uninstall or Remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely delete or uninstall Internet Explorer. IE 11 browser is deeply integrated in Windows operating system, so user can’t delete or remove Internet Explorer (methods that can damage your operating system is not in our list). In case by some reasons you want to disable it, follow the instructions below.

Tip. Majority of users even don’t know if Internet Explorer is installed on their Windows 10, because Microsoft developers have hidden it. Internet Explorer in Windows 10 does not interact with user, ask for updates or send any notifications.

In case you decided to remove old browser, at first we will need to take a look where is Internet Explorer files are located in Windows 10.

Important! These instructions are applicable only for Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 build 15063 and higher. To implement these instructions, you will need an account with administrator privileges, or password for administrator account.

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How to Run Internet Explorer in Windows 10

The easiest way to run Internet Explorer in Windows 10 is to use the search:

  1. Press on Start and type in Internet Explorer in the search field;
  2. In search results you will see Internet Explorer.
    remove internet explorer windows 10

How to Delete Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

We already mentioned above that you can’t completely delete Internet Explorer in Windows 10, you can only disable it. You can do this in a very simple way, just follow the instructions:

  1. Press Win + R, type in and run control;
  2. Now you need to go to Programs –> Turn Windows features on or off;
    remove internet explorer windows features
  3. In newly appeared window with a list find Internet Explorer 11 and check it off;
    delete internet explorer windows 10
  4. The system will warn you that turning off Internet Explorer might affect other Windows features. Confirm the step by clicking Yes;
    delete internet explorer turn off
  5. Give Windows a few seconds to finish the task and after that OS will ask you to reboot computer to implement the changes;

How to Remove Internet Explorer using Settings in Windows 10

All the steps above can also be performed by using Settings, which is used like a classical Control Panel since Windows 10:

  1. Press Win + I, after that you will get into Settings (you can also get into Settings by using a special icon in Start menu);
  2. Go to Settings –> Apps –> Apps & Features –> Manage optional features;
    uninstall internet explorer 11
  3. Find Internet Explorer 11 in the list, press on it and then click on Uninstall;
    uninstall internet explorer
  4. Reboot your computer. Now you removed Internet Explorer from the system!
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How to Undo the Changes and Return Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10

You can undo the changes and return IE 11 in Windows 10 in a simple way, through Control Panel or using Settings.

In case you are using Control Panel, now you need to check ON the Internet Explorer 11 in the Windows Features list. Then click OK and reboot your machine. After reboot you will notice Internet Explorer 11 in the list of apps in the Start menu again.

In case you want to return Internet Explorer in Windows 10 using Settings, follow the instructions:

  1. Pressе Win + I and go to Apps –> Apps & Features –> Manage Optional Features –> Add a feature;
    add feature internet explorer 11
  2. You will see Internet Explorer 11 in the list of applications that are ready for install (that’s because your IE11 is already “deleted”). Press on Internet Explorer 11, then click on Install;
    install internet explorer 11 features
  3. Reboot your computer.

That’s all, guys! Now you know how to remove Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10! Hope this was useful.

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