Microsoft Register Server (regsvr32.exe) Process Causes High CPU load

In this article we continue our series of posts on different Windows processes and this time we will take a closer look on regsvr32.exe process or Microsoft Register Server.

What to Do When Microsoft Register Server (regsvr32.exe) Loads the Processor High?

What is Regsvr32.exe?

The first important thing to mention is that regsvr32.exe (or Microsoft Register Server) is a system component of the operating system. It is used to register applications’ components (DLL libraries and ActiveX objects) or to delete them when necessary. By default, the regsvr32.exe is disabled. It is used to be initialized only when it’s needed.

How to Solve Problems with Regsvr32.exe?

From time to time every user faces situation when some of the Windows processes starts to use the resources of the computer too much and make you work uncomfortable. Regsvr32.exe is one from such a processes, and it’s able to slow down your computer drastically, increase the temperature of cooler or its speed. Issues with Microsoft Register Server already happened from time to time since Windows 7, but in 2018 Microsoft started to force install updates for outdated security systems and such errors started to appear more often.

It’s important to mention that you can’t just delete Microsoft Register Server – it is a part of Windows that is needed for proper OS functioning. But at least, you can find out the cause of regsvr32.exe related issues and fix the problem.

So, at first – try to reboot your PC. If it didn’t help – most likely, some application is trying to reach Microsoft Register Server in order to get an access to a dll library or other component. Freezing, system crash or a simple error can cause issues with regsvr32.exe and this can lead to high CPU load.

That’s why you don’t need to kill regsvr32.exe process – it’s not the cause of the issues by itself. Most likely, issues can be caused by some application which is just got in a loop when unsuccessfully trying to get an access, so you need to find out and fix it.

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There is a lack of info about the process in the Task manager, so you will need to use another Microsoft utility – Process Explorer:

  1. Download Process Explorer and run it;
    regsvr32 exe process explorer
  2. In application window you will see a list of all the tasks that are running. Find the process that loads your CPU high and expand it – pretty often you can find regsvr32.exe process there;
    regsvr32 exe high cpu load
  3. In case you found a regsvr32.exe in the list, you need to identify a specific library, that causes the issues and a high CPU load;
  4. Hover on regsvr32.exe with your mouse and a little message will appear with “Command Line:”. Here you can find a name of the process and a DLL-library which are responsible for high system load.

When you have already found the source of troubles, you need to fix it. In this article we share a few methods on how to solve regsvr32.exe process issues. You need to check them one by one:

  • In case you can easily identify the program that causes issues in the list of processes – try to stop it by clicking End task. Wait a few seconds after and check if the CPU load is high again. If you still noticing high load – try to delete this app (don’t forget to make a backup before that) and then try to reinstall it from scratch;
  • In case you can’t identify the problem application, try to Google it using as a query the name of the DLL-library that you’ve seen in Process Explorer. The unknown file can be related with one of the devices’ drivers (for example, graphics card). In such case you need to manually update, reinstall or roll back the driver, and then check if the high CPU load still persists;
  • In case you see an executable file in Process Explorer (especially this is important when using unofficial installation wizards or applications from unknown source). In such case try to deactivate your antivirus for some time – often antiviruses alerting and blocking hacked apps or programs without digital signature from registration in the system;
  • Sometimes regsvr32.exe can be a sign of virus infection, in such case you need to check its location and Digital Signature. If it’s located not in C:WindowsSystem32 folder and you don’t see Microsoft’s signature in its Details tab – most likely, your machine is infected and you need to use antivirus to solve the problem;
    regsvr32 exe signature
  • One more convenient way is to boot Windows in Safe mode. It helps sometimes, so you must give it a try. Boot in Safe mode and check if the problem persists. Now reboot your machine as usual, wait for some time and check if you are facing with high CPU load.
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Error Microsoft Register Worker Has Stopped Working

Sometimes users facing with error Microsoft Register Worker Has Stopped Working, which is related to regsvr32.exe. This is happening due to a conflict with some of the system components. If you are facing with this error, follow the next steps:

  1. Press Win + R and type in msconfig. You will see a newly appeared System configuration window;
  2. Switch to the Services tab and check on Hide all Microsoft services. After that a number of services in the list will significantly decrease;
    regsvr32.exe process list
  3. Check off and disable the first service in the list. Now reboot the computer and check if the problem persists. In case the error occurs again – enable the service that was disabled again (don’t forget to check on Hide all Microsoft services!) and disable the next one. In this way you can check all services one by one until you will find the service that cause issues.

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