Using Game Mode on Windows 10 Machine

Microsoft Windows 10 has a really useful built-in feature Game Mode. It allows user to increase the system performance and dedicate as many system resources as possible to a specific game.

In this short article we will take a closer look on how to enable Game Mode on Windows 10 1703 and 1709 Fall Creators Update.

How to Enable Windows 10 Gaming Mode?

Depending on what Windows build you are using (Windows 10 1703 Creators Update or Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update), you can turn on Game Mode in different ways.

To enable Windows 10 gaming mode (this part should work on both of Windows 10 builds), follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Settings (press Win+I) -> Gaming and then switch to Game mode section;
  2. In 1703 build you need to turn on option Use Game Mode here; on Windows 10 1709 build in the same section you can only find out if the PC supports Game Mode (if it doesn’t, you need to re-install the graphic card’s drivers manually, using downloads from the manufacturer’s official website);
    use game mode windows 10
  3. Now go to Game bar section and check if the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar option is on. After that in section Keyboard shortcuts find a shortcut to open Game bar (by default Win + G). Keep this shortcut in mind, you will need it later;
    windows 10 gaming mode
  4. Now run the game and open its menu by clicking the key shortcut to open Game bar (in our case Win + G);
  5. In game’s menu go to Settings;
    use game mode settings
  6.  Check on Use Game Mode for this game;
    use game mode for this game
  7. In Windows 10 1709 you can just click on icon Game Mode to enable gaming mode;
  8. Close Settings, quit the game and re-run it;
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That’s it! Windows 10 gaming mode is on for this game and since now the system will always run this game using Game Mode (unless you will turn it off in the same way).

Tip. In some cases, the mouse cursor is not working while Game bar is opened (user can’t click on Gaming mode button). In such situation you can use cursor buttons on your keyboard to move the cursor in the Game bar area and perform a click by pressing Enter.

Does Game Mode Can Be Useful to Boost the Performance? Can It Do a Harm to Your PC?

Gaming mode appeared in Windows a pretty long time ago, so there are a lot of information on how it can help to boost the performance of your machine:

  • On the computers that can handle powerful applications (machines with a discrete graphics card, with a huge amount of RAM etc.) and when only a few simple background process running (simple antivirus or other), the user will notice only an insignificant FPS boost (in some games you may not notice it at all!);
  • For basic build computers that are capable for office work, internet surfing, or checking e-mails (for example, for non-gaming laptops or older computers) the performance boost with using Game mode will be significant (in some cases in 2x times depending on a specific game);
  • Also, Game mode feature can hugely boost the performance when used on the system with a lot of background process being running;

Tip. In some situations, Game mode can even cause issues (for example, if you are capturing the video from your screen using third-party tool, you may face with errors during recording).

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So, in case you are facing with low FPS while gaming on your Windows 10 PC, we recommend you to try the Game mode at first it can be extremely useful to boost the performance to make gaming more comfortable even on slow or old PC.

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