How to Disable Airplane Mode in Windows 10?

Airplane Mode in Windows 10 provides the ability to completely disable all wireless connections on a laptop or tablet in a quick way. It’s especially convenient to use mode during flights (this prevents affecting the operation of airliner devices or, for example, some devices in hospital). This feature turns off the following wireless networks: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, GNSS, cellular network (mobile broadband) on tablet and other types of wireless adapters.

When Airplane Mode is enabled you can see an airplane icon on the notification panel:

airplane mode windows 10

The easiest way to disable Airplane Mode in Windows 10 is to click on the Internet connection icon, or on the notification center button, and then click on the Airplane mode button. Once you will press the button, the flight mode will be turned on, and after that button will turn blue. If you press the button again, OS will turn off the mode.

disable airplane mode

In addition, you can disable Airplane Mode in Windows 10 in the Settings app. Follow the instructions:

  1. Press Start button and select Settings icon;
  2. Go to the Network & Internet section;
  3. On the left pane select Airplane Mode Tip. If you do not see this item in the settings, and this flight mode is disabled, then most likely you have a stationary computer (without wireless adapters), and it is not needed there;
  4. On the right side you can see an on/off switch with the caption Turn this on to stop all wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth;
  5. Move the switch to the Off.
    settings airplane mode
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Note. As you can see, in this Airplane mode section you can individually turn on or off a specific wireless device (for example, only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). Turn the switch of the desired adapter to the “on” position. Please note that some applications may themselves enable some wireless communication without prior notice to the user.

Please note that on many laptop models, there are special function keys (or certain keyboard button combinations) to enabling and disabling wireless modules. In Windows 10 they work even without installing drivers and utilities from the manufacturer, and this key shortcut can control Airplane mode too.

For example, on ASUS laptop you can use Airplane mode by using key shortcut Fn + F2. On a separate function key there should be an icon. Usually it is in the form of a wireless network icon. And on new models of laptops the icon of the key can be made in the form of an airplane.

However, in some cases, Airplane Mode doesn’t turn off correctly, or wireless connection on Windows 10 device doesn’t work after exiting this mode. As a rule, this leads to the fact that one of your wireless adapter doesn’t turn on automatically. Also, this problem sometimes occurs if you quickly turn Airplane Mode on and off, or turn Airplane Mode on and put the device into sleep mode.

In this case, the synchronization between the wireless adapter and the operating mode of the system is affected. To resolve the problem, try the following tips:

  • Go to Airplane mode section (Settings panel) and turn on all the adapters that should work in the normal state;
  • Try to reboot your device;
  • Open the properties of the wireless adapter driver. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power;
    airplane mode windows 10 management
  • In Device Manager, you can try to delete your Wi-Fi device. Just right-click on it and select Delete from the menu. Reboot your system. After the computer restarts, the driver must be installed automatically;
  • Download the latest version of the Wi-Fi adapter driver from the manufacturer’s website and update the driver on your Windows 10 device.
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After that the problem with the Airplane mode on Windows 10 should disappear.


  1. Hi, in regard to your advice on how to “disable airplane mode”, this does not disable it, merely it is another way of turning airplane mode on and off. Some of us are looking for a way to permanently disable or completely get ride of this pesky little piece of trash. Every time my cat walks across the keyboard, airplane mode gets turned on and I lose my internet connection. We never travel by air and, even if we suddenly did, would not take the laptop with us. We just want to get rid of airplane mode.

  2. I too want to disable airplane mode. I have a huge rackmounted desktop machine, but since I have a wireless network adapter, Microsoft insists that I must be flying around with it.
    They’re getting worse and worse.

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