How to Adjust Sound Volume Using Keyboard in Windows 10?

Nowadays a lot of keyboards often have additional on-board functional keys which are used to perform specific tasks. With the help of such keys you can adjust sound volume, run browser or Calendar app, mail client and perform other tasks. Such keyboards are often very addictive, because you can manage your things in a much faster and easier way!

In case there is no multimedia keys on your keyboard, you can set any custom key shortcuts to perform these tasks. And that doesn’t mean you can use this trick only to adjust sound volume you can use this method to set shortcuts for dozens of operations that can be performed with a multiple clicks.

Adjust Sound Volume Using Key Shortcut

  1. At first we need to download a small utility NirCmd. Download the utility and place it to a random folder (for example, C:Nircmd);
  2. Now we need to create the shortcut that will run the needed specified command;
  3. Go to a random folder (you can also use your Desktop if you like). Right click on empty area and choose New –> Shortcut;
    Tip. We recommend you to create a shortcuts only in system folders.
    adjust sound volume windows 10
  4. At this step you need to specify the command that shortcut will run. In our case the folder is C:NircmdNircmd.exe and the command is changesysvolume 2000 (it will increase the volume to 2000 (min – 0, max – 65535), or you can set it according to your needs):
    C:NircmdNircmd.exe changesysvolume 2000

    adjust volume with keyboard on windows 10

  5. Click on Next and give a name to new shortcut. For example, Increase Volume;
    increase volume key shortcut

Now we have a shortcut on our desktop which will increase a volume level on the computer after run. Of course, adjusting sound level by clicking on a shortcut is definitely not the best way to do this. That’s why it might needed to set key shortcut to perform this command. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Right click on created earlier shortcut and choose its Properties;
    increase volume key shortcut properties windows 10
  2. Switch to the Shortcut key field. Press keys that you want to use as a key shortcut for this command (you can use any keys, for example Ctrl + Alt + Q);
    increase volume with keyboard windows
  3. If you want you can assign an icon for this shortcut. To do this click on Change Icon;
  4. Press ОK and save all the changes. Right after that you will get the ability to adjust sound level by using assigned key shortcut.

Tip. To make a volume level lower you need to create another shortcuts by using method as mentioned above. But this time use command changesysvolume -2000 to make volume level lower and mutesysvolume 2 to mute sound at all.

Here are a few commands that can be useful:

  • nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535 adjust volume level to maximum;
  • nircmd.exe monitor off turn off your monitor (this can be useful when you need to turn off your monitor fast);
  • nircmd.exe exitwin poweroff turn off the computer;
  • nircmd.exe standby switch your machine to standby mode;
  • nircmd.exe clipboard clear clear your clipboard.

Important! In case you will change Nircmd utility destination folder, you will need to edit all shortcuts or to create them from scratch again.


  1. The nircmd shortcuts worked when clicked. However, the keyboard shortcuts I assigned don’t work. I’ve tried ctrl+alt+several letters, none worked. Also tried on another computer with no success. What could be the issue?

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