How to make multitasking more productive on Windows 10 Mobile using pagefile?

Most of the supported Lumia smartphones is low budget devices with 1 GB of RAM. This RAM was enough for devices on Windows Phone 8.1, but to be honest – it’s not enough for Windows 10 Mobile comfort functioning.

More productive multitasking on Windows 10 Mobile

A lot of you, guys, noticing some annoying things like Edge browser tabs reloading if you are reopening it from background or heavy apps that is closing all your background apps after their run. But you have a solution on how to fix this situation by using pagefile.

What is pagefile?

Pagefile is used when physical RAM starts running low and gives the physical RAM some room to breathe by giving it resources in which to perform. By default, its size is 256 Mb and OS doesn’t give an options to configure it.

How does it work in Windows 10 Mobile?

Windows 10 Mobile has the same options for virtual memory as the desktop version. Pagefile can be dynamical, so the OS can manage its size depending on the needs and performed tasks. In case of activating this functionality together with the virtual memory increase, it can significantly improve your devices ability to run heavy applications and manage background apps.

How to change pagefile size in Windows 10 Mobile?

Important! TechCrises is not responsible for any damage of your smartphone in case of implementing these instructions. Do it at your own risk! To cancel the changes, you will need to reset all settings to default.

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Now follow these instructions:

  • Interop Unlock your phone.
  • Open Interop Tools. Choose This Device.
  • Open menu and find Registry Browser. In the last version of Interop Tools it is located in Registry category.
  • Go to branch HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management.
  • Find key PagingFiles and tap on it.
  • Set it like in instructions bellow and save the changes.
  • Reboot your device.

What changes to perform in PagingFiles key?

By default, this key is set to: u:\pagefile.sys 256 256

We can see an address of the file and 2 different numbers. The first one – its minimal size, the second – its maximum size. By default, both numbers are set to 256.

On this step we need to create a dynamic file, which will be managed by the OS, so we need to set these numbers to different values. In this way we can increase the file size.

On devices like Lumia 640 or Lumia 735 with 8 Gb of internal memory and 1 Gb of RAM, we recommend to set the values to 256 and 768 or even 512 and 1024. On devices that have bigger internal drive, you can set a bigger values like 1024 and 2048. Don’t forget to divide them with space key.

What is not recommended to change in PagingFiles key?

  • Do not change the folder where the pagefile is located, you don’t need to move it to SD-card or another folder. This can perform system crash or other damage to your device.
  • Do not set the minimal size of pagefile lower than 128 Mb.
  • Choose the correct maximum size of pagefile. In case you have 2 Gb of free internal space, set the maximum file size to 1 Gb and leave 1 Gb for your OS. In case your OS will use all the space left, you will face a serious problem with OS functioning.
  • It’s better not to set an amount of virtual memory to more than 3 Gb. Maximum is 2 Gb, even on devices like Lumia 950.
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