How to back up, recover or delete application data in Windows 10 Mobile?

It’s not a big news, that Windows 10 Mobile is a pretty closed system. But some of this OS features allow users to make a reserve copies of the applications data or even to delete its cache. These features were used by developers of extremely useful application App Data Manage Tool. In this article we will take a closer look on what we can do with the help of this tool.

Important! TechCrises is not responsible for any damage of your smartphone in case of implementing these instructions. Do it at your own risk!

How to install App Data Manage Tool?

  • Interop Unlock your phone.
  • Download application using the link.
  • Open File explorer. Find and run downloaded file, confirm the installation process.

Tip. In case the application won’t appear in the list, you need to tap on each of Dependencies from File Explorer. Install all necessary updates and then try to run App Data Manage Tool installer file once again.

How to delete the application data?

This operation deletes all the files of the chosen application (temporary files too). The application will reset its configuration. Similar function was added in Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, but the good things is that App Data Manage Tool works fine in Windows 10 Mobile version 1607 too.

Keep in mind, that it’s not recommended to use it with pre-installed software (for example, with Edge). Implementing these instructions can cause errors during next app run, so in this case you will need to reset the smartphone settings.

  • Restart your smartphone and don’t run the application.
  • Go to App Data Manage Tool -> Apps.
    app datamanage tool menu
  • Find the application and go to its page.
  • Press on Reset App and wait a little bit.
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How to make a copy of an application data?

These instructions will help you to copy all temporary files of the chosen application. It can be easily recovered later, when you will need them (for example, after hard resetting your smartphone). For example, it allows you to save your progress in game. Unfortunately, this method can’t be used with 100% applications, for some of them it won’t work. It also important to not to use these instructions with the system applications (like Edge).

  • Restart your smartphone and don’t run the application.
  • Go to App Data Manage Tool.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Set path to store the reserve copies. It’s better to use SD card, this will allow you to save your backups after hard reset.
  • Now get back.
  • Choose Apps.
  • Find the necessary application and go to its page.
    app datamanage tool apps
  • Now press on Create Backup.
    backup application data
  • Type in the name of the reserve copy.
  • Run the process and wait.

How to recover backup of the application data?

These instructions will help you to recover application data, that was saved earlier (even in case you did a reset).

  • Install the necessary application (which data you want to recover). If it is already installed, delete its data in the same way using Reset App.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Go to App Data Manage Tool.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Change a path to store the reserve copies to the folder where the backup of your app is located.
  • Now get back.
  • Choose Backups.
  • Find the reserve copy you need and go to its page.
  • Press Restore in the bottom panel.
  • Wait until the process will finish.

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