Does Norton Family Premier Work on iPhones?

As one of the most trusted names in the online security business, Norton also offers parents a service to help control their kids’ devices. Through a wealth of web filtering and text monitoring services on all major Internet devices, Norton ensures parents have authority over how their kids use smartphones and laptops.

Unfortunately, Apple enforces lots of restrictions on what parental control software like Norton can and can’t do to iPhone users. With Android devices, you can control nearly everything your kids’ do with their smartphones. It’s not the same for iOS devices. Find out what Norton Family Premier offers, its benefits and limitations.

Costs and Coverage

Prior to 2018, Norton Family Premier had a free option that allowed parents to place a limited of filters on their kids’ devices. These days, the company has only one paid tier and it costs $49.99 per year. The service covers an unlimited number of devices, making a tremendously good deal for families with large families.

If you happen to be searching for an antivirus, Norton allows you to add $54.99 on top of your Parental Control package to receive its antivirus services for a whole year. However, the price increases from $54.99 to $109.99 from the second year.

Parents dealing with Android devices also get a monitoring service from Norton. As long as all devices in your home use Android 4.0 and above, your family’s Norton Family Premier Package will also include a monitoring app.

Installing Norton Family Premier on iOS

Visit Norton Family online or download the company’s iOS app and create an account. Add information about your children. Only names and dates of birth are mandatory. Additional data like their photos and genders are optional.

Some of the optional details are pretty important too. If you wouldn’t want your kids to share their social security and phone numbers, for example, add these details also. Unfortunately, iOS restrictions mean Norton isn’t allowed to have such powers over iPhone users. Your kids can still share the details while using an iPhone.

The next step is to install Norton’s app on your kid’s phone. The app comes with a browser and a VPN that secures your kid’s data as they surf the Internet using Norton’s browser. Of course, they can also use other browsers. It’s just that using Norton’s Safari browser makes easier to monitor everything they do.

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What Norton Family Covers on iPhones

Norton Family Premier features 47 filters that range from expected categories like blocking adult content to unique filters like blocking job searches. Tap on any filter and Norton adds it to your list of things your kid can’t search online.

You can also unblock certain sites as your kid grows old. Another unique feature is the ability to warn your kid instead of blocking everything they try to search for. This Norton Family premier review goes into more details, including how to monitor your child’s web activity.

Compared to its competitors, Norton is impressively comprehensive. There isn’t a thing you would want to block on your kid’s phone that isn’t covered. The company also makes it easy to block content by automatically setting sites that can be visited based on your kid’s age.

The best part of Norton’s iOS content filtering services is that they work seamlessly. Most parental control software programs are only able to block sensitive sites like adult platforms and online alcohol stores.

Time Management Feature

If you’ve used Norton Family Premier before, you’re probably aware of its time management feature. Basically, the feature allows you to put a time limit on your kids’ favorite apps. Let’s say they spend a significant amount of time on Snapchat. You can set a 3-hour time limit on the app.

The feature is pretty basic for iOS device users. Instead of being allowed to set the amount of time your kids can spend on an app, Norton only allows you to set a schedule. You could set Norton to allow your kids to access Snapchat after 6 pm to 9m but you can’t adjust time frames for each kid.

Of course, you can always block apps you don’t want your kids to access. It’s a bit difficult on block Facebook if your kid doesn’t use Norton’s browser, so try and get them to be using that browser alone.

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Managing Texts and Calls

This is another feature limited to Android and Windows phones. You can’t access your kids’ text messages or block the people they chat with. On Android devices, Norton gives you a complete rundown of everyone your kids have been texting and the messages they sent or received.

On the downside, Norton also informs your kids’ friends that their messages are being monitored, so this can make things complicated. Again, Norton can’t monitor MMS messages sent over the Internet. If your kids result to this type of communication, you’ll only receive a notification confirming an MMS message was sent or received by your kid.

Apple also restricts Norton and other Parental Control software from logging calls made and received by iPhone users. It can’t even block contacts or stop your kid from unblocking any previously blocked numbers.

Location Tracking and Extra Features

While you may not be able to view your kid’s texts, Norton Family Premier allows you to view their location in real time. The apps record timestamps on an hourly basis to make it easy to view every location your child has visited in the last 24 hours or 7 days.

Simply select a date and time and Norton will show you where your kid was at that time. Some parental control programs have geo-fencing features. You’re alerted if your kid visits any of those locations. Norton doesn’t have a similar feature but it gets the job done.

However, the app has some impressive minor features like allowing your kid to text you if she disagrees with your decision to block a certain site. You also receive short clips of what your kid has been watching on Hulu and YouTube, which can be really helpful.

In Conclusion

Norton’s Parental Control Premier services work on both android and iOS devices. The setup process is simple and even includes a 30-day trial period. With 47 filter features, the program is also comprehensive enough to help you monitor most of the major content sites and apps you wouldn’t want your kids to visit.

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