How to delete update files that is waiting for install in Windows 10 Mobile

A lot of Windows 10 Mobile users facing with a problem when the space fills up pretty fast and after some time their smartphones internal storage is taken up by different update files that is waiting for install. Such situation can be even in case your Phone Update center doesn’t  download any updates. There is no built-in tools that allows you to delete unused update files in Windows 10 Mobile OS. So in the near future, these files can make a problem for you by not allowing to start a new update because you’re already running out of smartphone storage or are just on the verge of doing so (especially for devices with 8 Gb of internal storage).

How to delete update files that waiting for install?

Sometimes, user can accidentally start to download a new OS build, when he actually doesn’t want it. Meanwhile, it is almost impossible to stop the update process after the downloading started.

So how can we clean up the folder with Windows Update files without hard reset of our smartphone and free some storage space?

To do that, you will need:

  • Interop Unlock your phone. This can slow down system performance of your smartphone a little bit.
  • To install Interop Tools
  • PC and USB cable

Important: TechCrises is not responsible for any damage of your smartphones in case of implementing these instructions, so do it at your own risk.

After you have all you need, follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Open Interop Tools, go to Interop Unlock tab, here check if Full Filesystem Access is enabled on your device.
    full filesystem access
  2. Connect the smartphone to your PC. Open Explorer, then go to the storage of your device.
  3. Go to folder
  4. Wait until your PC will load a list of all subfolders. After that select all of them (by clicking Ctrl + A) and then delete.
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It is recommended to restart your smartphone after that, but you will also see some changes just right after implementing these instructions. Now you won’t find any update files that is waiting for install in the Storage of your device; all phone updates installation will be stopped too.

That’s all! Hope this helped you to delete the update files waiting for install in Windows 10 Mobile.

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