Best Free Utilities for Windows 10

So, you’ve got a brand-new PC and want to know what the best free utilities for Windows 10 are. This is the question that bothers those converting from Mac to Windows 10 or previous Windows versions like 7 or 8. Windows has millions of different apps and lots of them are paid or subscription based. We do not do that here. You can find tons of high-quality free apps available in Microsoft Store or third-party website. In this article, we prepared a list of the best free utilities for Windows 10 and your new or existing PC. They will allow you to improve your productivity and make the system a bit more enjoyable and easier.

best free utilities for windows 10

QuickLook – Mac-like Files Preview with the Spacebar Button for Windows (Microsoft Store)

You can easily preview any file in macOS using the spacebar button. Unfortunately, Windows does not offer the same feature. Still, you can bring this feature to Microsoft’s OS using a small tool called QuickLook. It is available in Microsoft Store for free, takes almost zero space on your drive and does not tax your CPU or memory. After installing this app, simply hit the spacebar on any file you want to preview. It works as good as macOS and supports thousands of different formats. In the same time, it remains light, snappy and responsive with no need to customize it. A small icon in the system’s tray is the only visible sign of QuickLook running on your PC.

best utility software for windows 10

ShareX – the Best Screenshot Tool for Windows (Microsoft Store)

Windows has lots of different ways to make a screenshot, but ShareX remains the best screenshot tool for Windows 10. It may look a little bit overloaded with features and settings, but once you spend some time discovering what ShareX is capable of, it turns into the most advanced and powerful screenshot utility for Windows. ShareX allows you to set up different shortcuts for different types of screenshot and video recording. It also supports picture upload, has a color picker, built-in screen recorder (video and GIF), and plenty of settings to optimize the output. Despite a large number of advanced features, ShareX is very light and does not overload your computer while working in the background.

best utility programs for windows 10

Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode – Automatic Dark Mode Changer for Windows 10 (GitHub)

Windows 10 has a built-in dark mode, but it does not support automatic switching in contrast to macOS (Apple’s OS got this feature with the release of macOS Catalina). Luckily for everyone, there’s Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode app. It will take care of automatic theme switching on your PC. Also, it allows you to set up different wallpapers for different modes and make your desktop more pleasing to your eyes in any given period. You can set the app to change Windows 10 theme automatically or at a specific time. The app also can apply changes to different parts of the system. For example, leave taskbar white or black no matter what theme is applied.

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best windows 10 utility

F.lux – Blue light filter for Windows 10 (Microsoft Store)

Again, you can set up a blue light filter using built-in tools, but it is lackluster comparing to f.lux. Also, it is quite glitchy and works poorly on AMD-based systems. F.lux has different filters and allows to change color temperature gradually during the day, making it as pleasing to your eyes as possible. Another important aspect is Phillips Hue compatibility. You can set up f.lux to change not only your screen temperature but also light bulbs in your house. Neat.

DISM++ – the best disk cleaner for Windows 10 (the official website)

You can use DISM++ to quickly change important Windows settings that either not available with built-in tools or require messing around with Command prompt and old-school Control Panel. You can use DISM++ to manage autorun, backup Windows, manage Windows updates, and clean up the system from different sorts of junk and unused files. DISM++ is open-source, free, has no spyware, and does not send your data to some shady Chinese servers.

CCleaner – the best free registry cleaner for Windows 10 (the official website).

This app is partially free, so if you want to access all the features, prepare to pay $24.95 (luckily, no subscriptions). Although we do not recommend using third-party apps to clean Windows 10 registry, we are here to help you choose the best free registry cleaner for Windows 10 (in case you want it that bad). The basic feature set is enough to perform regular PC maintenance, clean Windows 10 registry, and make a PC run a bit faster. Also, CCleaner works as a neat free disk defragmenter, though in the most recent Windows version disk defragmenter is not that much needed as before.

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best defrag tool for windows 10

Eartrumpet – the best utility to manage sound on Windows 10 (Microsoft Store).

Eartrumpet allows you to change the volume of each different app running on your PC while the default volume slider adjusts only the master volume. Also, it can send a different app to different audio outputs. In addition to that, Eartrumpet has default Windows 10 look and feel thus you will not feel like you are using some sort of crappy third-party app. Just do note that Eartrumpet will not work that well with physical volume keys.

best cleaning tool for windows 10

What about the best password recovery tool for Windows 10?

If you need the best password recovery tool for Windows 10, consider choosing one of the password managers. That is the most reliable way to store and recover passwords on Windows 10. Alternatively, you can use the built-in password manager in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Make sure you sign in with your account and sync all the passwords. When you need to recover passwords on Windows 10, use your account.

In case you need a password recovery tool for Windows 10 to recover the user profile account, use built-in features in the Control Panel or Microsoft Account.

best free repair tool for windows 10

Office Online or Office app – the best free office apps for Windows 10 (the official website and Microsoft Store).

If you need the best free office apps for basic document viewing and editing, do not install large and heavy third-party office apps. We rather recommend using Office Online. It is completely free and works in the same way as Google Docs. Also, you can use the Office app that comes with every Windows 10 installation to quickly access your files and launch Office online. In case you need offline apps and more features, we recommend LibreOffice.

The best free utilities for Windows 10 – conclusion

Sure, we cannot list all the best free utilities for Windows 10. In this list, we gathered all the apps we enjoy and think you will enjoy too. If you know some other useful free apps for Windows 10, sound off in the comments below, so that everyone can make use of them.

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