How to Enable Night Shift for Mac?

Scientists recommend to decrease usage of electronic devices before sleep. It is good to stay out of the screen at least one hour before you are going to sleep. Sure, everyone has its own preferences or circumstances, so not everyone can keep up with this rule. If you are that kind of person, who works late and must spend a lot of time working on Mac during the night time, Night Shift is your best friend.

Why Night Shift on Mac is so important? Screen emits a lot of blue light which decreases the quality of your sleep and makes it harder to fall asleep quickly. Sunlight at the evening tends to be softer and more yellow than cold and blue during the daylight. Our brain senses the warm light and prepares itself for the evening and incoming rest (and vice versa). If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen in the evenings, you may thus decrease the sleep quality and normal circadian rhythms. Night Shift on Mac makes screen warmer and helps you maintain better sleep and reduce eyes strain.

How to Enable Night Shift on Mac?

First, make sure your device is compatible with Night Shift. Your Mac should be at least on macOS Sierra 10.12.4. Also, Night Shift on Mac is supported only on MacBook 2015 and later, MacBook Air mid-2012 and later, MacBook Pro mid-2012 and later, Mac Mini late 2012 and later, iMac late 2012 and later, and Mac Pro late 2013 or later. Everything older than these models is out of the party.

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Here is how to turn on Night Shift on MacBook:

  1. Open the Apple menu at the top-left corner of the screen. Click System Preferences. night shift for mac
  2. Navigate to the Display section. night shift macos
  3. Click on Night Shift tab. macos night shift

Alternative option: just ask Siri to turn on or off Night Shift.

night mode mac

Inside the Night Shift settings, you have two options. From the Schedule drop-down menu select either Sunset to Sunrise or Custom.

We think Sunset to Sunrise is the best option because it uses built-in clock and Mac location to determine the best time to enable Night Shift on Mac depending on sunset and sunrise time. MacOS will turn on Night Shift on sunset and turn off on sunrise.

Custom option allows you to set a specific period in which Night Shift will be enabled.

You can also use Manual checkbox to enable Night Shift on Mac until the next day or until the sunrise, depending on which option you have chosen in the Schedule drop-down menu.

night shift mode

Next, move the Color Temperature slider to set the best Night Shift tone for you.

For your information: Night Shift severely changes colors on the screen. Consider this fact if you work a lot with a photo or video editing. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to set app exceptions in which Night Shift won’t be enabled.

How to Turn off Night Shift on Mac?

Open Notification center. At the top of the screen, you will see a Night Shift toggle. Another option is to ask Siri to turn it off or open System Preferences – Displays – Night Shift and select Disabled from the Schedule drop-down menu.

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Want to make night work on Mac as comfortable as it’s possible? Then in addition to Night Shift on Mac, you should consider using a dark theme in macOS and one nifty tool which automatically turns on night mode on Mac and turns it back off.

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