How to Install iMessage For Windows PC?

With the release of iOS and iPadOS 13, more Apple’s services became available on different platforms. You can access Apple Music on the web, watch Apple TV+ on any modern browser and use notes, mail, calendar, reminders, and other services on a Windows PC. Still, there are two Apple services people need the most on their Windows computers. We are talking about iMessage and FaceTime. Are you the one who wonders how to find Apple iMessage on a PC? Let us explain the situation and show you how to download iMessage for PC.

imessage for windows

Apple iMessage App for Windows

The bitter truth is that there is no iMessage app for Windows and you cannot download iMessage to a PC. Despite a constantly growing demand, Apple refuses to release iMessage for Windows or Android and FaceTime for different platforms. That is quite disappointing, considering users are constantly in need of a secured and reliable communication method, especially during the lockdown period. Although Steve Jobs promised to make Apple’s primary communication tool “an open standard”, iMessage and FaceTime remain exclusive to iOS and macOS.

Right now, the only way to use iMessage on Windows is to set up a remote connection to a Mac from your Windows computer or Android device. There is plenty of available third-party solutions for remote connection to your Mac. You can use Microsoft Remote Desktop, Chrome Remote Desktop, AnyDesk or any other tool you prefer. Sure, this is not the most convenient solution and at this point, it is better to use a Mac locally rather than setting up cumbersome solutions for remote access.

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Until Apple changes its mind, iMessage remains available on Apple devices only (Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod). Regular 10-inch iPad or the most recent iPod is your cheapest option to get into iMessage. Alternatively, get yourself a used iPhone or any other used Apple device.

How to Use Your Phone to Install iMessage on Windows PC?

Android users can point out that you can use iMessage on Windows PC with Your Phone utility. It is the default app on Windows 10 but unfortunately, it works only with Android smartphones. Yes, you can use it to send and receive messages, control your smartphone remotely, reply to notifications and many more. But again, all these features are available for Android devices only.

imessage for windows 10

Still, there is a hope to get iMessage for Windows 10. Microsoft says it is talking with Apple to get the iMessage on PC, but chances are quite little. iMessage integration between iPhone and Mac is a strong selling point and Apple is going to keep it as long as possible to convert people from Windows to Mac. The wall around Apple’s ecosystem remains quite high and Cupertino’s company is somewhat hesitant to lower them or allow third-party developers to create an iMessage app for Windows or FaceTime for Android.

Caution! Avoid using “iPad emulators” or “iPhone simulator for Windows”

There is no such thing as an “iPad emulator for Windows”. Lots of irresponsible websites recommend a shady tool called iPadian but the truth is that it does not provide you iMessage support on Windows. You cannot use the iPadian to install iMessage on PC. All you get is a scammy app that tries to steal your money.

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Long story short about iMessage on Windows

At the time of writing this article, there is no way to run iMessage or FaceTime on Windows PC or Android. Do not let scammers fool you. If you want iMessage on a computer, get yourself a Mac or cheap iPad / iPhone / iPod. Alternatively, consider using another messaging app that offers cross-platform clients and does not require some shady hacks to set them up. Telegram is our top pick but there are plenty of other options for different tastes and purposes.

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