How to Boost WiFi Signal on iPhone to Improve It?

Are you facing with a weak WiFi signal on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? Your device often disconnects from the network and restarts only after some time? Have you noticed that the WiFi speed stinks and you can’t get it back to normal? If you are facing with similar problems – this article will show you how to boost WiFi signal on iPhone to improve it.

Tip. We don’t recommend you to use some sort of third-party applications that promise you to improve the performance of WiFi on your iPhone. You need to realize that the quality of the signal most often depends on the hardware (and rarely – on firmware), so these apps are useless in most of the cases.

Tips on How to Boost WiFi Signal on iPhone

Tip #1: Restart your iPhone

The first basic step on how to boost WiFi signal on iPhone is to try to restart your device — this will clear things up on iOS. To restart the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad you need to hold Lock and Home buttons (this doesn’t erase your device’s data!).

After the restart check the WiFi signal strength on your device, does it improved? If not – try the next step.

Tip. Sometimes you may need just to reset your router. Try to switch it off for a few minutes and then turn on again.

Tip #2: Check if the iOS Firmware is Updated

The second thing is to make sure that your firmware remains updated. In order to do this, you have to follow the following easy steps:

  • If you don’t have Airport utility installed on your iOS device — download, install and launch it;
  • After that tap the device icon to check which version of firmware you are using;
  • Now tap Version on the details screen. Now check for the update — if it’s available, tap on Download and Install;
  • You can repeat this step for your other devices.

boost wifi signal on iphone airport utility

Tip #3: Change the Case for Your iPhone or Remove It at All

Did you know that if the case for your iPhone is made from a specific material (for example, a metal case) — it could block the WiFi reception (it’s important to mention that the cases made out of silicone rubber, TPU or plastic don’t interfere with reception). So, the basic thing you need to try is to remove the case and check if the signal strength is changing.

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You can also try to use Pong cases – the manufacturer claims that the cases designed to improve the WiFi signal.

Tip #4: Check the Router and Purchase a New One

If you are thinking, that your router is creating a problem, you can just buy a new one. However, it is not easy to find out that the router is a cause of bad Wi-Fi signal, it happens very rarely.

The best way to check whether your router is creating any signal issues is to borrow a router and check the Wi-Fi signal stability on your iOS device for a few days. If it is stable, you need to purchase a new router.

Tip #5: Try to Change Wi-Fi Channel Because of Interference

The other thing you need to check is if the problems with signal strength occur because of interference and other networks. Did you know that in case the same WiFi channel is used by you and your neighbors (especially if their router is located very close to yours), your Wi-Fi networks are making each other’s worse, creating interference and reducing Wi-Fi signal strength? It is hard to measure the impact of Wi-Fi signal, but keep in mind, that your iPhone works on Wi-Fi latch technology (that detects the strongest signal and hold it).

However, if you can’t catch Wi-Fi or hold a strong signal for long, this can happen due to the channel you are connected. That means that your Wi-Fi signal keeps on switching between the networks according to your connection.

To overcome this problem, you can use any software that detects your neighborhood Wi-Fi signal and tells you on which channel they are and choose according to channel. Today most of the routers support many channels, so you can pick accordingly.

So in brief, you can change the channel accordingly so that you Wi-Fi network cannot be interfere by your network and enhance you Wi-Fi signal strength.

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Tip #6: Set DNS manually

Most Internet providers run DNS servers for their customers, so as a rule most of the users are using them. But you can use others and that can help you boost your Wi-Fi signal strength significantly. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Settings –> tap on Wi-Fi;
    improve wifi signal iphone
  • Tab on icon ”i“;
    improve wifi signal strength iphone
  • Scroll down and you will see your DNS – tap on it;
  • Enter one of the following values:
    Google DNS servers:;
    boost wifi signal on iphone
  • Now restart your iPhone and check if the problem with signal strength solved.

Tip #7: Use Wi-Fi Assist Feature

With the help of the feature Wi-Fi Assist, the Internet connection won’t drop on your iPhone even when you have a poor signal. This extremely useful feature works like this: in case you are browsing with a poor Wi-Fi connection and webpage doesn’t load fully, Wi-Fi Assist activates itself and automatically switches to cellular so that the webpage continues to load when the signal is poor.

You can activate the feature by going to Settings -> Cellular, Wi-Fi Assist will be the last option beneath everything else. This feature is available on all Apple devices which run iOS 9 and newer (except iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini).

boost wifi signal iphone

It’s important to mention that Wi-Fi Assist won’t use too much cellular data or at least it won’t increase significantly. That’s happening because Wi-Fi Assist is not working while user downloading something or uploading and sending videos or audios through messengers (like Skype, Viber etc.).

Tip #8: Check your iPhone Wi-Fi Antenna for Damage and Replace It If It’s Needed

If you are using your iOS device for a long-time and the Wi-Fi signal strength started to slow down over time, you need to check if the contacts of the Wi-Fi antenna are rusted or oxidized. In case you didn’t open smartphones before – it’s better for you to check your device at the Apple service.

In case you decided to open your iPhone by yourself – we recommend you to rub a surface of antenna with rubbing alcohol and check if the problem with Wi-Fi persists.

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