How to share files in iphone with android

Learn How to Share files in iphone with android. For a very long there is a complaint that Apple iPhone users cant share their files with other smartphones like android, windows phone. But now this is resolved. Apple iPhone users now you don’t have to worry about sharing file with other smartphone. Lenovo has released a software with which you can share files with other smartphones too. Lenovo Share it. Yes, it is now there in your Apple iPhone. Lenovo has made a software for iPhone too to share files like Music, videos and others with other smartphones. Share it is the application for both android and iOS to share files. This app lets you share files in iphone with android and other smartphones. This application uses wifi transfer to share files but still the main motive of sharing files is resolved.

share files in iphone with android

Lenovo Share it can send and receive files. It can share music which is in your Music stored in iPhone. You can transfer files,music, videos as much as you want. No Limit on sending files and it is faster too. As it uses Wifi to transfer. Don’t worry wifi doesn’t mean that you should have a wifi connection. You can share files even when you are not connected to wifi. Share it creates a portable wifi hotspot to share files. So share files in iphone with android without any problem.All thanks to Lenovo and Apple.

Learn How to share files in iPhone with android.

share files in iphone with android

How to share files in iPhone with android :

  1. Download the Share it app from the bottom of the page. Just Click on the link.
  2. It is mandatory that the other smartphone (for eg. android) should have share it installed on their handset.
  3. Open the share it app in your iPhone and tap on the option appropriate i.e, if you want to “Send” or “Receive”.share files in iphone with android
  4. If you want to send the file tap on send and search for file what you wants to share.
  5. The other smartphone which has to receive the file has to tap on receive.
  6. If you are connected to wifi than it’s not a problem skip to step 8) but if you are not Don’t Worry Join the receiver wifi. Option is available on the screen.
  7. The other smartphone user has to on the portable hotspot (It can be easily done as their is an option available on the receive screen of the android phone which says “To receive from Apple iPhone”) Tap on it.
  8. Now the option available to connect to the receivers wifi tap on it in iPhone.
  9. And there is it, Now the file is shared.
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This application works with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Download Share it app here.

Enjoy Sharing Files…

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