Setting up Email on iPhone and iPad

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) come with included email app out of the box thus allowing you to set up additional mail accounts with a few simple steps. This article covers the basic steps of setting up email on iPhone and any other modern iOS device. You don’t need a third-party email client app to add email to iPhone, although there are few decent alternatives to the stock iOS Mail app.

How to Set up Gmail Account on iPhone?

In this article, we will show you how to add mail to your iPhone or iPad. We use a Gmail account, but the procedure is basically the same as others email providers (iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo etc). We are using iPad, but don’t mind on screenshots – setting up email on iPhone goes in a completely same way.

setting up email on iphone

  1. Open Settings and tap Passwords & Accounts. This section manages not only mail but also calendars, contacts, notes, reminders, and other things available in your accounts;
  2. Tap Add Account and select one of the available providers. For example, Google;
  3. On the next step, iOS will open Google Authentication screen. Enter your email and password;
    iphone mail settings
  4. After you successfully logged in, select what type of data you want to sync to your device – mail, calendar, contacts or notes. You can change this later, select only one (mail, for example), or leave everything as it is. Tap Save.

You are done. Your email is now set up and ready to work. Open Mail app on your iPhone or iPad home screen and all your emails will be there ready for you. You can add as many accounts as you want. There is no limit on accounts number.

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Setting up Email on iPhone and iPad Manually

In the previous section, you have probably noticed that iOS provides you with a list of available email services like Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. These are the most popular providers so iOS developers conveniently added them to the settings. If you are using less common email service and can’t find your provider in the list, there is a way to set up email on iPhone manually. This process won’t take a lot of your time:

  1. Tap Settings and head to Passwords & Accounts section;
  2. Select Add Account and then Other;
  3. Tap Add Mail Account;
    iphone email settings
  4. On the next screen fill all available fields. Enter your Name, email address, password, and optional email description. “Work” or “Personal”, for example;
    add email account to iphone
  5. Tap Next and after that iOS will try to find your email settings automatically. This should take a couple of seconds. Press Save. After that email account will be all set and ready for work;
  6. If iOS can’t find email settings automatically, you will have to provide them manually. On the next screen select account type (POP or IMAP) and fill additional fields for the incoming and outcoming mail server. You can request this information from your email provider;
  7. Tap Save. Finish.

How to Delete Mail Account on iPhone?

  1. If you want to delete existing account on your iPhone or iPad for whatever reason, open Settings > Passwords & Accounts and tap account you want to delete. Please note: removing an email account on iPhone or iPad does not delete account itself. This procedure simply disconnects account and removes data from the current device only. If you change your mind, you can easily add the account back using the steps we described above;
    set up email on iphone
  2. Press Delete Account and confirm the action. iOS will remove the account and all related information.
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That’s all you need to know about how to set up email on iPhone using stock iOS Mail app.

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