Screen Mirroring on iPhone and How to Record iPhone Screen?

You can either mirror or record iPhone screen without the need of any additional software. Luckily enough Apple allows you to do this using built-in tools. Of course, there is a bunch of third-party software which provides you with additional ways to mirror iPhone screen to your Mac or PC.

How to Start Screen Mirroring on iPhone?

First of all, you need Mac (since Windows doesn’t have built-in tools for wired mirroring). If you are a PC user, then you need to download third-party tools. If you are a Mac user:

  1. Connect iPhone or iPad to your Mac using lightning-cable;
  2. Open QuickTime Player and press File > New movie recording;
    screen mirroring iphone
  3. Press little down arrow next to the recording button and select your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Screen mirroring will start automatically;
    screen recorder ios

You can record iPhone screen from here or simply beam it to Mac or any connected display.

ipad screen recorder

There is also a way to mirror iPhone screen wirelessly using AirPlay. Native mirroring is supported only on Apple TV thus you need a third-party app to mirror iPhone screen wirelessly to Mac or PC. If you have Apple TV:

  1. Make sure your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network otherwise mirroring won’t work;
  2. Open Control Center and press Screen Mirroring;
    iphone mirroring
  3. Press Apple TV on which you want to mirror iPhone screen;
    screen mirroring ipad

If you don’t have an Apple TV, then you need to set up third-party AirPlay app on your Mac or PC. We recommend using AirPlay Server. It is available literally for almost any operating system and developers allow you to try their software for free within a 14-day trial.

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  1. Download the app from the official website and install;
  2. After you have AirPlay Server client app installed, run it;
  3. Now open Control Center and select Screen Mirroring. Tap your Mac or PC and you are good to go. Never mind Apple TV icon. iOS always displays it when you connect to Mac or even PC through the AirPlay software.
    screen mirroring

We also recommend you play around with the AirPlay Server Settings. There you will find some useful customization, sound, image tweaks, and other options. These settings will be useful if you want to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen regularly or just want to tweak something you don’t like or prefer to change. For example, default picture quality is too sharp – you can change this in Post Processing section.

How to Record iPhone Screen?

If you want to show your relative or friend how to use some features on iPad or iPhone, you can record a video guide using a built-in tool.

Please notice! Built-in recording is available only on iOS 11 and newer. If your device doesn’t support iOS 11, the only way to record iPhone screen is to use wired screen mirroring and QuickTime Player recording on Mac or AirPlay for wireless mirroring.

  1. Open Control Center on your iOS-device and tap screen recording button (the button with a circle);
    mirror iphone to tv
  2. After 3-seconds countdown, the iOS will start recording everything on your screen. Feel free to navigate wherever you want;
    record your screen iphone
  3. If you want to add comments to your videos (a nifty little feature for guide-makers), press and hold recording button (3D Touch recording button on an iPhone 6S and newer) then press Microphone > On;
    screen recording iphone
  4. To stop recording press Power button or red mark in the top right corner (top left corner on an iPhone X and newer);
    video screen recorder iphone
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A recorded clip will be saved in Photos.

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