How to Fix iPad is Disabled/iPhone is Disabled Error?

In modern iOS devices, Apple shifted from traditional passwords to biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID. These methods are more reliable and protect your device better. Still, you need to set up a PIN for additional security. If for some reason your Touch ID or Face ID didn’t work, and you entered the wrong password many times, the iOS will block your device. Also, someone may try to break in your iPhone or iPad and after countless efforts to figure out the PIN, a device will lock itself showing iPad is disabled error to prevent brute-forcing and PIN cracking. If your tablet shows iPad is disabled error – don’t worry, there are a few methods to fix it easy.

iPad is Disabled: How to Fix It?

At first take a closer look on your iPad (the same goes with iPhone). iOS device locks itself for a minute or two if you or someone else attempted to crack your PIN and had no luck. If your iPad says “Try again in 5 minutes”, you just need to wait for 5 minutes and then enter the correct PIN. Be careful: you have only 1 attempt! If you’ll enter the wrong PIN, the iOS will lock itself again and a time-out will be increased drastically. If you keep entering the wrong PIN, you will find yourself with a permanently locked device.

ipad is disabled

On previous iOS version, there was a way to get rid of this error by connecting your iPad, iPod or iPad to iTunes and trying to create or restore a backup. On iOS 12 this method doesn’t work since iOS now has an additional security layer which locks lightning port and prevents device from any data transfer (except charging) if your device is locked or idle for more than 1 hour. But don’t worry, your device is not bricked yet.

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In such case, the only way to bring iPad or iPhone back to work is to reset it using “Find iPhone” app or by restoring it. Unfortunately, you will have to sacrifice all your data. That is why you should always back up an important data.

How to Fix “iPhone is disabled” using iCloud?

These instructions also apply to iPad and iPod:

  1. Open on your computer or Find iPhone on your another iOS device. Log in and then tap Find iPhone;
    iphone is disabled
  2. From the drop-down menu All devices select iPhone or iPad that you want to unlock;
    ipad is disabled error
  3. On the top-right side of the screen click Erase iPad or Erase iPhone if you are trying to bring back your phone to life;
    fix iphone is disabled
  4. Wait until the procedure is complete and then set up your iPad like the new one. Important! you will have to enter your Apple ID password to get your iPad or iPhone back to work!

How to fix “iPad is Disabled” using iTunes?

If you synced your device with Mac or PC at least once you can use iTunes to restore iPad, iPhone or iPod, and erase all data including a forgotten PIN. Follow the instructions:

  1. Connect iPad or iPhone to your PC and open iTunes. If you are using an iPad or iPhone 6S and earlier model, hold the Power and Home button simultaneously. On iPhone 7/Plus hold Volume Down and Power button and on iPhone 8/X/Xs or newer press quickly Volume Up and then quickly press Volume Down. Then hold Power Button and wait until restore mode screen appears;
  2. iTunes will notify you that there is a problem with your device. Click Restore and wait until iTunes download required files to reset your iPhone or iPad;
    fix iphone is disabled error
  3. Set up your device as new or restore an existing backup.
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That’s it. Next time try not to forget your PIN or to allow anyone messing around with your devices. Otherwise, you will have to go through this process all over again.

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