How to Fix iPad Unknown Error 1671?

Unknown Error 1671 may happen with your iPad or any other iOS device. There is a little official explanation of what Unknown Error 1671 means, but don’t worry – it is quite easy to fix.

What Does the Unknown Error 1671 Mean?

Apple actually has a basic explanation of this nasty error. It is a result of a third-party interruption of communication between your device and Apple’s servers. That is why Unknown Error 1671 might appear in different scenarios when connection to Apple’s servers is involved. For example, backing up your device in the iCloud, syncing, updating or restoring iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to Solve Unknown Error 1671 on iPhone or iPad?

Let’s begin from the basics, because a simple thing may help you fix Unknown Error 1671. Since we are talking about connection error between Apple’s servers and your device, you check your Internet connection. If you can open any website and connection works without any hiccups, try disabling your antivirus or firewall (and don’t forget to turn them on back later).

Bad hosts file could also be the reason why iTunes cannot connect to the servers and causes Unknown Error 1671 to appear. Here is how to fix it:

On a Windows PC:

  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. There will be the hosts file without any extension name;
    ipad unknown error 1671
  2. Right-click hosts file and press Open with. Select any preferable text editor. You can use stock Notepad;
  3. Find and delete XXX.XXX.XXX string;
    iphone unknown error 1671
  4. Save the file, exit the Notepad, restart PC and check whether the Unknown Error 1671 is gone.
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On a Mac:

  1. Open Terminal and enter sudo nano /private/etc/hosts. This command requires your account password;
  2. Find and place a # sign in the beginning;
    iphone error 1671
  3. Save the file, exit the Terminal and restart your computer.

Make sure your iTunes is up to date. Apple constantly updates iTunes and because of this older version of the app may not be able to connect to the servers anymore. Check for updates, download the most recent version of iTunes and try again. This may help you to get rid of Unknown Error 1671.

Try another computer or reset your iOS device. Just like we said above, some third-party software on your PC or Mac could prevent iTunes from connecting the servers. If you do not know what kind of software is putting a spoke in a wheel, try to restore, sync or backup your iPhone from another computer. If the problem still appears, the root may be hidden inside the software of your iOS device. In such case perform a hard reset or restore your iPad or whatever iOS gadget you have. This will take some time and you will lose your data, but you will be able to start from the scratch and eliminate everything that cripples connection with Apple’s servers. Alternatively, you can manually download IPSW file and update or restore it without the need to download firmware inside the iTunes.

The sad thing is that sometimes Unknown Error 1671 is not related to the network at all. In some cases, it may show up if there is something wrong with your USB-connection. Disconnect your iOS device from USB-hub or front panel of your PC and connect the cable directly to the motherboard USB. If you are using MacBook, plug in a cable to another USB slot. You can also try another lightning cable.

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Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that this manual will definitely help you since there are many different reasons why iPad Unknown Error 1671 appears (and it seems that even Apple does not know exactly what is going on). But we hope you will be able to fix iTunes Error 1671 using one of the methods above. If you know how to fix Unknown Error 1671 using the way we did not mention in here, post it in the comments below.

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