How to Fix iPhone Could not be Restored Error 2001 in iTunes

Apple is one of the leading manufacturer of electronic devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macs. Apple has provided some of the finest devices on the markets. Nowadays most of the smartphone users prefer iPhone (even people who are fond of tablets and music have iPad and iPod). Apple has given one of the ultimate laptops knows as Macbook. But we are here not for Apple inventions. We are here to solve a major problem Apple users has to face iPhone Could not be Restored Error 2001 while restoring their iPhone, iPad using iTunes. iTunes is the Apple software to connect and sync Apple devices with their Computers and Macs. Mostly the error code appears like this:

The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (2001).

Users who face with Error Code 2001 in iTunes while restoring iPhone has to see this window:

iPhone Could not be Restored Error 2001

How to fix iPhone Could not be Restored Error Code 2001 while Restoring iPhone

So here we are on how to fix it.

Method 1: Update iTunes

Apple devices are quite sensitive towards it’s updates. Sometime this kind of error code appears when your computer doesn’t have an updated iTunes installed. So make sure your iTunes is updated.

Or download the latest version of iTunes from here.

How To Update iTunes

  • Open ” iTunes “.
  • Click on ” Help “ in the main menu of iTunes.
  • Click on ” Check for Updates “.iPhone Could not be Restored Error 2001 update iTunes
  • It will check for the latest updates and ask for your permission to install the new updated version of iTunes.
  • Press Yes and your iTunes will be updated.
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Now try to restore your iPhone or iPad again. If even after this the iTunes shows the Error 2001, try the next method.

Method 2: Change your USB Cable

In some of the cases this problem is resolved or fixed by changing the USB Cable or changing the USB Port. Try to connect to the other USB Port and then try to restore. If this doesn’t help, then borrow somebody else USB Cable and try to restore the iPhone again. As this problem often occurs due to the hardware problem, this can resolve your problem.

Method 3: Connect Your Computer Directly to Internet

Sometimes this error occurs because your computer is not connected to Internet connection perfectly. If your computer or laptop is connected to the Internet Connection via Wi-Fi or any other wireless network, then try to connect it using LAN Cable. LAN Cable is the wired connection, which provides the best network connectivity and thus it helps to fix this issue.

Method 4: Soft Reset to fix iPhone Could not be Restored Error 2001

Soft reset solves this problem in most of the iPhone devices. Learn how to Soft Reset your iPhone:

  • Press ” Home Button “ and ” Power Button ” simultaneously.
  • Your iPhone will turn off. Continue holding both the button until your iPhone turn off and starts to turn on.
  • Wait for the Apple logo to appear. After that remove your fingers and leave the buttons.

iPhone Error 2001 soft reset

This will Soft Reset your iPhone.

Method 5: Hardware Problem

Even after trying all the above methods if  issue still persists, you should consult to Apple Genius. Most likely, it’s a battery problem. So don’t worry and go to Apple Genius store and ask a help to fix iPhone Could not be Restored Error 2001.

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