How to Unsubscribe From Apple Music?

Every new subscriber can use Apple Music for free for three months. This period more than enough to learn how this service works and decide to pay for it or quit. Don’t like Apple Music? That is fine. Also, there is nothing wrong with switching to different music services (e.g. Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, etc). This article is going to tell you how to unsubscribe from Apple Music no matter whether you are a free subscriber or belong to those with an individual or family subscription (there is also an SKU for students).

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on iPhone?

Since an iPhone is the most popular device people use to access Apple Music, we will start from the question “How to cancel Apple Music membership on an iPhone”.

Getting into Apple Music is a few-clicks process. Getting out of it may be a bit challenging and not so obvious. You can cancel Apple Music subscription on iPhone using two methods.

  1. Find and Launch Music app on your iPhone from the home screen or Spotlight search (you can also ask Siri to open Music). You need to go to the For You tab, then tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner. If your profile has no image, you will see there a basic profile icon.
  2. Now you are within settings. Tap on the Manage Subscription button. Tip: this section allows you to manage people in your Apple Family. You can read more about this in How to set up Family Sharing article. how to unsubscribe from apple music
  3. Next, check your subscription details. You can renew your subscription, switch plans, check the next billing date, check prices for different SKU’s and, what is the most important, cancel Apple Music subscription. Hit the Cancel Subscription button.
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Now let’s check another way on how to cancel Apple Music subscription on iPhone. For your information: we use iPhone only for the reference. This manual also applies to iPad and iPod.

  1. Open Settings and tap on your profile name. In the Apple ID page select iTunes & App Store. Next, tap Apple ID with your email address. cancel apple music subscription
  2. Tap on View Apple ID. An iPhone will ask you to authenticate using your TouchID, FaceID or AppleID password. Next, press on the Subscriptions button.
  3. Here you can check all currently active and already expired subscription. You can cancel or renew them. Tap on Apple Music Membership, then select Cancel Subscription. how to cancel apple music subscription

That’s it.

How to Cancel Apple Music Membership on Mac or Windows?

You can manage your Apple Music subscription on Mac also. There is an option to cancel Apple Music membership on Mac, but it is hidden even more than on iPhone. Luckily for you, this article has all you need.

  1. Launch iTunes, then click Account – View my Account… in the menu bar. how to cancel apple music membership
  2. The app will ask you to log in with your Apple ID. Then, you need to go a little bit down and locate the Settings section. Look for Subscription entry, then click Manage. unsubscribe apple music
  3. On the next page, you will see all your subscriptions including Apple Music Membership. Next, to it, click the Edit button. cancel apple music membership
  4. Hit Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the window. how to cancel itunes music

On Windows PC this process is totally identical. Since iTunes is the same on Windows and PC, there is no difference between how to cancel Apple Music subscription on Mac and how to unsubscribe from Apple Music on Windows.

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You can renew Apple Music Subscription any time you want from the same sections of iOS, macOS or Windows. Luckily, Apple does not limit how much you cancel or subscribe back to Apple Music.

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