How to Unsend Email in Outlook?

Modern messengers allow you to edit or even unsend a message, thus eliminate the embarrassment of sending a wrong message to a wrong recipient. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible with emails. After it is sent, there is no way to unsend an email or delete it for the person who receives it. Luckily for you and all of us, Microsoft gives you an opportunity to unsend an email in Outlook using a very simple and clever method. This article will tell you how to retract an email in case you made a mistake.

How to Recall a Message in Outlook?

This manual describes how to unsend an email in the web-based version of Outlook, not on Outlook app or Windows Mail. Latter has no such feature (for now, hopefully). And we also should note that you can unsend an email only after you enable this feature within the Outlook settings. If you did not enable it and want to retract an email, too bad – there is no way you can return it back or delete. Better watch carefully what you send and to whom you send your emails next time.

  1. Go to and sign in with your account.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Locate View all Outlook Settings at the bottom of the sidebar. Click on it. This will get you to the primary settings section. unsend email outlook
  4. Go to Compose and Reply section and scroll down a little. You need to find Undo Send section with a big slider. microsoft outlook recall message
  5. Use this slider to specify the delay duration. During this period, you can unsend an email in Outlook. After that time is gone, there is no way to retract an email as it sends to the recipient. For some unknown to us reasons, Microsoft allows choosing only either 5- or 10-seconds delay. You can’t select anything but that two options. microsoft outlook unsend email
  6. Hit save.
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Done. Now you can retract an email in Outlook if something goes wrong. Act swiftly! As we told you before, you have only 5 or 10 seconds to unsend your email. When you press Send, a small banner appears in the bottom of the screen with the Undo button. Press it to unsend an email before it gets sent.

recall email message outlook

After you do it, Outlook will get you back to the compose section, thus allowing you to correct mistakes or simply delete an email.

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