How to Set Folder Permissions on Windows 10?

After a clean install of Windows 10, when you try to open one of the folders on the system drive, you receive an interesting message. The system displays a window that says you do not have permissions to access this directory (for example, WindowsApps folder).

To get a permanent access to this directory, the system offers to click the Continue button. We really thought that everything would be very simple and after clicking the continue button, the right directory will be opened immediately, but it just doesn’t work that way. A new window opens with the inscription You are denied access to this folder.

In this instruction, we will consider what to do when you do not have permissions to access the directory and the access to the same directory on Windows 10 is denied. We will consider several ways to open access to the folder using the Windows 10 operating system as an example.

How to Set Folder Permissions to Windows 10 Folder?

  1. Right-click on the desired directory and select the Properties item in the context menu;
  2. Next, go to the Security tab and click Advanced to open additional security settings;
    folder access denied windows 10
  3. In the window that opens, opposite the Owner item, click the Change link.
    destination folder access denied windows 10
  4. Next, enter the name of the administrator account, which can be found on the path C:Users and click Check Names.
    windowsapps folder permissions
  5. After successfully finding the administrator record, click OK to save the changes. The name of your account will appear in the owner line.

Change Folder Permissions with Command line: Share Access with the Takeown Command

You can enable access to a folder running the Windows 10 operating system using the command line. The disadvantage of this method is that if the directory contains lot of data, the process of executing the command may be delayed.

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  1. Find the Command Prompt via Search bar and run it as administrator.
    change folder permissions command line windows 10
  2. Execute the following command:
    takeown /F “directory path” /R /D Y
    change permissions windows 10 command line

After successful execution of the takeown command, the user will have access to the required folder. Compared with the previous method, this takes significantly longer.


Thanks to one of our methods, you will be able to open a folder where earlier you were denied access and you did not have permission to access. We examined how to open access to a directory in Windows 10 using the security settings and the command line.

Usually inaccessible folders are hidden. Therefore, it may just be worth turning off the display of hidden directories in Windows 10. We hope the article will be useful to many users. Since installing the system and owning an administrator account, as it turned out, by default there is no access to all folders of the system drive.

If an error occurs, you are facing denied access to this Windows 10 directory on other local drives, then you should check the system for malware.

You should also remember an important nuance: it does not cost a local user to become the owner of system directories, such as Program Files, Windows, Program Data. Otherwise, the security of the system will be reduced to a critical level, since it will be much easier for viruses and other malicious programs to harm the system components.

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