How to run Kids Corner in Windows 10 Mobile?

For some reasons after Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update developers removed Kids Corner from the operating system and this caused outrage among users. Now Microsoft recommends to use Apps Corner instead of Kids Corner, which functionality is very similar, but not the same.

As is known, first time Kids Corner feature was introduced in Windows Phone 8.1 and was a great way to distract the kids and allow them to use your smartphone to play games, watch videos, listen to music by giving access to specific applications and media.

It turns out, that Kids Corner feature is still available in the OS, but it is hidden from users. You can still run it even after Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. To do this, follow the instructions bellow:

How to run Kids Corner in Windows 10 Mobile?

  • Interop Unlock your phone.
  • Make sure you have Interop Tools beta-version installed.
  • Open Interop Tools. Choose This Device.
  • Open menu, move down and find Applications.
    windows 10 mobile interop apllications
  • Now you need to move categories list on left to open Package List.
  • Find Kid’s Corner in the list of applications.
    windows 10 mobile applications kids corner
  • Tap on Launch App.
    launch kids corner

Right now there is no any easier solution to run Kids Corner. Windows 10 Mobile developers completely removed it from the system, so you can’t recover it in your device settings. But we hope that in future versions of the Interop Tools we will get an option that will allow to pin application tile. In this case, users will be able to run Kids Corner right from the desktop.

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