Managing network types and supported bands on Windows Phone

Sometimes it can be necessary to configure your smartphone to work only with the networks with concrete frequency (for example, 900 MHz) or concrete type (GSM, UMTS, LTE). It can be useful because you can save the battery life of your phone. The great thing is that you can easily configure network types and supported bands using Field test mode as in Windows Phone 8.1, as in Windows 10 Mobile.

Important: TechCrises is not responsible for any damage of your device in case of implementing these instructions, so do it at your own risk.

The way you can get to Field test mode differs in new and old devices, and that is why this article contains 2 parts. But all instructions bellow will be very similar to every device. So, if you have Lumia 550, 650, 950, you need to implement first part of instruction, and then take a look at the screenshots from second part for better understanding what you need to do.

Part 1: 2nd-4th generation Lumia

1) Get to Field test mode

To get to Field test mode, go to Phone, then go to Dial pad area, after that type ##3282#. You don’t need to press any buttons after you entered last # symbol, you will be automatically redirected to Field test mode.

windows phone 3282

Tap “Accept” and go to the next step.

2) Go to Field test mode settings

Tap on “…” in the right bottom corner and then tap on newly appeared “Settings“.

field test windows phone

3) Enable manual network type configuration

Choose Manual in “Network Type“. Right after that you will see a new option – “Supported bands (select at least one)“, now you need to get in this option.

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field test frequency

4) Choose the supported bands you need

Keep in mind, that if you will enable, for example, only 4G, it’s possible that you won’t be able to get any SMS or phone calls (it depends if voLTE, voice-over-LTE technology is supported in your country). So, for example, if you want to download something using 4G without switching to 3G, but you still want to get SMS and calls, don’t forget to choose GSM too.

band locking supported bands

Part 2: 5th generation Lumia

In new Lumias the Field test mode became much more user-friendly. It is enough to choose “Band Locking” on the main page of new Field test mode menu to get to the list of networks to choose.

field test band locking

To save the settings in new Lumia you need to tap on “Save and exit”. Right button – “Default and exit” – resets all settings to default.

That’s it. Hope this guide will help you to manage your Windows phone network types and supported bands.

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