How to Move OneDrive Folder?

You probably very well know that storing important data on a drive C: is not the best idea. Yet for some reason, Windows stores the OneDrive folder on a drive C: in every Windows 10 copy. If you have OneDrive turned on, you can find it in C:\Users\User\OneDrive. That is totally fine for all except those who need to store local copies of their files in OneDrive for offline use. In such a scenario your C drive will quickly fill up which in turn may cripple your PC performance. To avoid such a confusing situation, consider moving OneDrive folder to another drive. This article has all you need to know about how to move OneDrive folder.

How to Move OneDrive Folder to Different Drive?

  1. Before you move OneDrive folder, you need to sign out of OneDrive. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s cloud storage does not allow changing the location on a go, thus you need to sign out and set it up again. Before you do, check whether OneDrive does something in the background.
  2. Look at the bottom-right side of the screen called system tray. There should be a small OneDrive icon. Right click it and select Settings. move onedrive folder windows 10
  3. In the new OneDrive settings window, switch to Account tab and hit Unlink this PC. What this does is sign you out of OneDrive and remove the current PC from the account. Don’t worry, you will get it back soon. move onedrive to another drive
  4. Go to your OneDrive folder and delete it. It is important to make sure all files are safely backed up before you do so. For the sake of security, you can copy those files to another drive.
  5. If you have many files synced for offline use and don’t want to spend a long time syncing them back in, no need to delete the OneDrive folder. Find it in the File Explorer, select it and press Ctrl + X to cut it from the old location. Go to the new folder and paste the OneDrive folder with Ctrl + V shortcut.
  6. After you unlinked you PC, OneDrive will launch itself on a log in screen. Enter your email or phone.
  7. Next, OneDrive will show you the location it uses by default. On this screen you need to select a new location. Click on Change location link. move onedrive folder to another drive
  8. Go to the folder you prefer in a new File Explorer window.
  9. If asked, select Use this location. This allows you to use all the files available offline in your previous OneDrive folder without the need to sync them again.
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Done. Now you have your OneDrive files stored in a new folder you prefer.

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