How to Install Ubuntu from USB?

The Ubuntu operating system does not need additional popularization. This is one of the most famous GNU/Linux distributions developed by Canonical. It has a beautiful interface (both by default and with other desktop environments) and convenient functionality. This article describes how to install Ubuntu via USB Flash drive.

System Requirements

For the comfortable operation of the system, you must have at least the following computer characteristics:

  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • Dual core processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz;
  • Video adapter with 32 MB VRAM;
  • 30 GB of free disk space.

A little explanation. RAM needs at least 4 GB, as the company officially discontinued the release of 32-bit systems and deals only with 64-bit. And for the normal functioning of such a system, you need 4 GB or more of RAM. Some community edition systems also release 32-bit systems, but you have to use them at your own risk.

As for free disk space, here 30 GB is an extreme minimum. After installation, the system itself will occupy about 6–8 GB, but user data, additional programs, caching, etc. will always take up more space. As practice shows, during normal operation of the system, at least 50 GB are required.

Step 1. Preparing for Installation

If you are going to install Ubuntu on a clean disk, you do not have to do any additional procedures before starting the installation. If on the computer there is another OS (for example, Windows 10), then you should allocate a separate section for Ubuntu on the disk. Then, on the Ubuntu website, you need to download the distribution of the desired version, write it to the USB flash drive and start from it after the POST test.

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Step 2. Installation Settings

After starting from a flash drive, the first boot screen will appear.

install ubuntu

If at that moment you’ll press any key, a window will appear with a choice of the installation language.

install ubuntu from usb

Select a language and press Enter. Next, select “Install Ubuntu”.

ubuntu usb

Wait for the first window to load, in which a confirmation of the language selection will be offered. It will be the main one in the installed system. Click «Continue».

how to install ubuntu from usb

Please note that if you did not press any key at first, the automatic download will change the welcome window, in which select «Install Ubuntu».

how to install ubuntu

In the next step, specify the keyboard layout that will be used during installation and click «Continue». In the new system, it will be possible to add additional languages.

how to install ubuntu usb

Next, several options will be offered. You can choose the set of installed software: normal or minimal. You can also enable the download of updates during installation, which will allow you not to do this in the new system, and download proprietary Wi-Fi drivers and video cards and third-party codecs. Of course, this can only be done with an active Internet connection. Click «Continue».

how to install ubuntu via usb

Step 3. Choosing the Installation Method

At this point, the installer will offer several options for how to partition the disk. In the first case, all information from the disk will be deleted and the OS will be installed there with automatic marking and allocation of space for the bootloader and root partition. Click Install Now.

Choosing options for encrypting a partition or using LVM depends on your knowledge of these issues. If you are not sure what you need, do not mark these items.

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install ubuntu via usb

In our case, the disk is a single one, so there is no choice of a specific storage. Confirm your selection.

how to install ubuntu via usb drive

Step 4. Time Zone and User Data

At this point, the installation process began. In the next window, enter your location by clicking LMB on the map or manually entering the city name to correctly synchronize the time. Click «Continue».

install ubuntu via usb drive

Then enter the user information (usually a first and/or last name), computer name, username and password (twice). Also specify whether to automatically log in or request a password. Click «Continue».

install ubuntu usb drive

Wait for the installation to complete.

install ubuntu via usb flash drive

After that, restart the computer by clicking «Restart Now».

install ubuntu from usb flash drive

At this point, you can remove the USB flash drive from the computer. Thus, the Ubuntu operating system is installed.

install ubuntu usb flash drive

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