How to Fix Error Code 85050003 in Windows Phone : Solved

Solve / Fix error code 85050003 in Windows phone where your password had expired. Windows phones are one of the best smartphones available in the market. Microsoft are providing Windows Operating System for a very long time. As Windows phones have different interface from other operating systems like iOS and Android. Windows phones popularity is increasing day by day. Users of windows phone are increasing day by day. But as the users increases new errors are also discovered every day. Most of the people i know who are using Microsoft Windows Phone are facing this problem where they are unable to access their Account on windows phone. This error is mostly seen when someone updates their windows phone to Windows 8.1. As there windows phone is showing an error code 85050003.

Symptoms that you have to face when this error appears on your screen :

  • Unable to Access Outlook Account.
  • Keeps Showing Error Code: 85050003

If you are one of the victim of this error and you are searching for the same issue then you landed at right place. Whenever you have to face this error this will pop up on your screen.

Your password has expired. First, change it on the web, then come back and update it in your account on the phone.

Last tried x seconds ago

Error code: 85050003

Here is an article on “ How to Fix Error Code 85050003 in Windows Phone ” It will definitely help you to solve your problem. I am sharing here few methods to fix Error Code 85050003 as there is no specific fix or solution to this error code 85050003 in Windows Phone. Follow these methods until the error Code 85050003 gets solved.

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Error Code 85050003 in Windows Phone

Methods to Fix Error Code 85050003 in Windows Phone:

Here are three methods to fix or solve error code 85050003 in Windows phone. Check these methods one-by-one and apply them until the problem gets solved.

Method 1: Change Your Password

Initially I suggest you to change your Password over the web and then try to log in. You should turn off the Two Step Verification for a while say 5 – 6 minutes and turn it on again. In some cases this has also helped the users.

Method 2: Date and Time Method

Set your Date and Time Manually. See here on How to do it.

  • Go to: Settings –> Date and Time.
  • Uncheck Automatically Option.
  • Set Date and Time Manually.

Most of the Users facing this problem Solve / Fix Error Code 85050003 in Windows Phone using this method.

Method 3: Reset Your Phone

If none of the above method works for you then don’t worry this method is highly effective and will definitely help you out of such problem. Let see How to reset your Windows Phone.

For Windows Phone 8.1:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on “About”.
  • Tap on “Reset your Phone”.
  • Now, two warning would prompt on your screen. Just tap “Yes” and move forward.
  • You have successfully “Reset your Phone”.

Now, error code 85050003 in Windows Phone has also been solved. You can now install or update the apps on your Windows Phone easily.

For Windows Phone 8:

  • Switch off your Windows Phone device.
  • Now, press and hold the Volume down key and plug-in your charger. Now, your phone would start showing an Exclamatory Sign (!) on your screen.
  • Now, press the keys as shown below in the given order.
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Power
    • Volume Down
  • Now, your Windows Phone will restart.
  • Your have successfully “Reset your Phone”.
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Error Code 85050003 in Windows Phone

Now Set Up your Microsoft Account. And Do not modify your server setting in both Microsoft Account Setup and Outlook Account Setup. This points to ” ” and ” ” in

Note : Make sure to make your backup before the Reset.

Now, error code 85050003 in Windows Phone has been solved. You can now install or update the apps on your Windows Phone easily.

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