How to Fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones

Although Microsoft has quit phone business by now, many people still use Windows Phone devices. Some developers even continue to support their apps, regularly update them and even develop new features. If you are that kind of user, who refuses to give up on Windows Phone yet, you may face error 805a8011 in the Windows Store (on Windows 10 Mobile it is called Microsoft Store). This error shows that there is a synchronization issue with your device and Microsoft Account. It can also cripple other applications that use Microsoft services and your account. Here is how to fix error 805a8011.


How to Solve Error 805a8011 on Windows Phone?

Before you start, make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. Bad Wi-Fi or cellular might be actually the reason why you can’t download or update an app from Windows Store because of error 805a8011. If the Internet connection is fine, follow the steps below.

Error 805a8011 – Account Synchronization Problems

Go to the Settings on your Phone and open Email and accounts section. Tap Microsoft Account. You might find there an error message. If so, the root of the problem is found.

Press and hold your Microsoft Account and tap on Sync button in the menu. Make sure the error message is gone and try to download an app from Windows Store again.

Some users report that filling up all Microsoft Account information on the (credit card, billing address, etc.) might help you solve the issue. Open, log in with your account, fill up everything Microsoft requires, and sync Microsoft Account on your phone again.

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Error 805a8011 – Incorrect date and time

If manual sync did not help you or synchronization error appeared again, check date and time in the Settings. Perhaps, your phone has the wrong date and time settings, thus can’t connect to the Microsoft Servers. This is one of the most popular reason, why error 805a8011 or sync issues happen on Windows Phone devices. Set up time, date and time zone manually, restart your phone and try to download or update an app from Windows Store again.

Error 805a8011 – Soft-reset

If that did not help you either, perform soft-reset. Don’t worry, soft-reset won’t wipe any data on your device. Here is how to do a soft-reset on a Windows Phone: hold the Volume Down and Power button together for 15 seconds and wait until device restarts. Soft-reset can fix a random bug that causes error 805a8011.

A few other tips to consider:

Never allow your phone to work with the filled up to the last byte storage. If your device has little storage space, delete some data to free at least 300-500 MB. In order to operate normally and without nasty errors, Windows Phone constantly needs some free space. Consider buying SD card (if your phone has a microSD card slot) or move some data to the cloud.

Hard-reset. If nothing above worked, try to wipe your phone and set it up from scratch. Be sure to backup important data before you start.

Open Settings – About and press Reset your phone. Confirm your decision and wait until the phone boots back. While setting up your phone make sure you have reliable Internet Connection, correct date, and time settings, and entered correct Microsoft Account credentials.

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One more thing:

Sometimes there is no fault in your account or device settings, but the error 805a8011 simply refuses to go. If you tried everything including hard-reset but had no luck and error 805a8011 still bugs you, sit back and wait. Probably the issue is on the Microsoft side and it will disappear in a couple of hours or days. Yes, using a device without your apps and clean storage may be really frustrating, but that is the reality of using a smartphone with an outdated operating system. Windows Phone and Windows Mobile are dead nowadays, thus servers can go offline anytime, and you won’t be able to do anything with that. Whether you like it or not, perhaps it’s time to buy a more modern device.


  1. hello

    the method 3 for windows phone 8.1 was not clear to me. i did not find any microsoft account on ” add an account” in the settings. i could not make any changes to the existing microsoft account as well.

    where to find the microsoft account under ” add an account”

    1. To make changes to your existing account, you have to reset your Phone.
      How to Reset your phone for Windows Phone 8.1:
      Go to: Settings -> About -> Reset your Phone.
      Now, two warning would prompt on your screen. Just tap “Yes” and move forward.
      After these steps you have successfully Reset your Phone. Re-add your Microsoft account or add a new one.
      Go to Settings -> Email + accounts -> Add an account > Microsoft account > Sign in.
      This will solve error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones.

      1. Thank you for replying aman. But i have a small issue. going for reset would actually erase my entire data on the phone. is there any other way which would work?

    2. None of the above worked on my wife’s windows phone , hasn’t been Abel to access store for months, I’ve freed up 160 in space for her still nothing

    1. If you have tried all the methods and still unable to fix the issue., then you should contact Microsoft or Nokia service center..

        1. you’ll lose all your data if you reset your phone. i recommend you to first create a backup and save all your data in some computer. After that you can reset your phone. And restore the data after that.

          1. What datas will be lost if I reset my windows lumia phone?Will I lose my installed apps??

            I am also having the problem of error 805a8011.I tried to solve by the method 1 & 2 but failed.I tried to add an account but there is no option to add an microsoft account.That’s why I may have to reset my phone.

      1. How do I contact Microsoft? I’ve tried emptying music, photos, and apps, syncing emails, and a soft reset. I really dont want to do a hard reset unless I have to.

    1. Please Follow the steps properly shown above. If it sill showing the same problem then mail me the screenshot, Our Team will solve your issue Asap.

      1. Hello Aman.
        My Lumia 730 cannot access store . Have tried the above steps and it’s not yet working. Which number do I screenshot for you so that you can assist.

          1. You can reset set till you blue in the face nothing will work unless you are the owner or developer software programmer whatever you call it and do something that can solve this issue cause the whole world has the same problem with the windows phone so the problem is with nokia….fix it……

      2. I have made some free space in my phoneupto 2 gb and also synchronized the email accounts…still now the err 805a8011 is getting…thats why cant able to connect to windows store…plz provide me a solution to fix this issue

      3. Hello I tried all except resetting..for that I need to back up ..but am not able to back it crosses 96% its showing pls try me pls am not able to use my cell from past 5days

  2. i just have whatsapp install in my 530 into phone memory still get an error unable to open win store.. Help plz

  3. I used to download apps on my Lumia 435, but now 805a8001 came by n I can’t even open my app store, then I tried all z mentioned methods n still no change, why n wt should I do abt it?

  4. I’ve tried to do all of these and it still doesn’t work. I’ve put in an SD card to free up space which seemed to be the root of most of my problems but i still can’t open up the store

    1. Hi Mollie,
      If you had tried all the methods to resolve this issue, and still you are unable to fix it then you should go to the Phone Service Center or Microsoft Service Center. It’s the best option available.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I tried first 3 tips and none of those are working. Resetting the phone is a painful process and I will not take that risk. If you find any working solution other than factory reset then please provide.


    1. Hi Chander,
      These are all the methods, i insist you to try the reset method if none of the other methods are working for you. Don’t worry, Take a backup of all the things in your device incl. Contacts, Data and any other useful matter. And then attempt a Reset.

  6. hi. can i ask something?
    is there any chance that my phonebook / contacts would be also safe whenever i do back up? and can be restored?


      1. You know we can’t get a backup app without accessing the store right? And the problem we all have is that we cannot access store, so….

  7. The first 3 methods didn’t work for my phone. and i don’t want to reset my phone as well as it will delete all the important data in my phone. Is there any other method which can help me to fix this code?

    1. Hi Prerna,
      Try the reset method. Firstly do the backup of all the data, contacts and everything and then do a reset. You can always restore your data later. So don’t worry your data will be safe.

    1. Hi Sanjana,
      Do the backup of all you contacts and data. Then reset your phone. Don’t worry your data and contacts will be safe.

  8. Av tried to reset mi phone Lumia 520 but it won’t work it shows me mi memory is full ad I don’t Av any videos nor music pl help

  9. hi! I am using lumia535 . I am not able to download apps from store & also cant make changes in my existing Microsoft account . pls guide me to resolve this problem

    1. Connect your phone with the Computer and try to change it using system or reset the phone. Do take the backup before resetting the phone.

  10. Hi as per u adviced I used ur step 4 to get rid off from error code 805a8011. After resetting my windows phone Nokia lumina 925 I lost my alllllllllll data. My contacts, my photos, my all apps, my music & every important information. Please please please advice me if I cannnnn get my all contacts & imp information. Please help me if their is any other way to get my data. Pleaseeeeee……

    1. Omg. You should do a backup before you go reset. It’s just common sense!!! I have the same error 805a8011 & am unable to solve it. So..I understand your problem, but blindly go on reset without making sure you’ve save/backup all informations important to you. Sorry but loosing all of that is only your fault. And I’m sure you cannot get your informations back if you didn’t do a backup before reset. namaskar ?

  11. I kept getting this error code for more than a month, I tried all the steps and the issue is resolved now. Thank u so much Aman.

  12. I have troubled for store application received massage ( There has been a problem completing your request Try again later). This error code may be helpful 805a8011.

    How to update my WhatsApp & other all Apps without lost any messages previous data.

    Please suggest me how to updates in my windows Phone Model: NOKIA lumia 520 software windows 8.1 through my pc.

    And also inform me meaning of reset your phone.

    Thanks & Regards,


  13. I have been trying to reinstall WhatsApp to my phone and am unable to do so because I keep seeing error code 805a8011 or 80860010 popping up Please help me now

  14. I can’t solve my error problem with these methods except fourth. How can I resolve this problem without restarting?
    I don’t wanna missing my data…
    Please help me for this problem and suggest a specific solution.
    Thanks alot

  15. My problem s with the Microsoft store I think. I followed all your methods kindly given above for this error code but its that the store wont let me install the w.a. App now! ? grateful for any advice. Thanks so much for your time. JP.

  16. Been having the error code 805a8011 for about a week now and I’m unable too access the windows store + a few of my apps. Looked at solutions and I erased some stuff and now have 4.2gb of free space on my phone, but the problem still occurs. What should I try next?

  17. datas will be removed if I reset my phone??Will I lose my installed apps??

    I am also having the problem of error 805a8011.I tried to solve by method 1 & 2 but failed. There is no option in my phone to add a microsoft account. That’s why I may have to reset my phone.

  18. What datas will be removed if I reset my phone??Will I lose my installed apps??

    I am also having the problem of error 805a8011.I tried to solve by method 1 & 2 but failed. There is no option in my phone to add a microsoft account. That’s why I may have to reset my phone.

  19. Hello sir, I have Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim. I am facing a problem since last few months. When I try to download candy crush saga or soda, it shows pending. Sometimes downloading starts but after some time it shows pending. I have tried to download them over wifi but same problem occurred then too. So I want to know what should I do to fix this problem.

  20. I literally wana cry….nothing is working,,I tried starting a new account or whateva that is buh stil,,,error805a8011 is still there,,isint there any other way then reseting the phone because I do not wana delete my stuff!!

  21. If i do method 4 will all my contacts vanish also? I tried all of the other methods and the only one i can try anymore is method 4 . For me the store will show me some text and say this might help 805a8011 and it throughs me out..? so if I reset my phone will all my contacts and info and windows account go away also?

  22. hi.i’m useing lumia 535.i can not conect web sites,store and canot update to windows 10.because there showing that error code 801881d9.please help me 🙁

  23. hi.i’m using lumia 535.i can not can’t web sites,store and can’t update to windows 10.because there showing that error code 801881d9. please help me 🙁

  24. Hi.

    I am getting the error code 805a8011. I tried synchoronizing microsoft account & then open store it’s still not working. And I am not able to back up also. It is showing as there is a problem with back up. I can’t risk by reseting my phone. Please help


  25. This mobile phone like having its own brain & needs. Whatever I did, didn’t work. Before I go on reset, I’ll continue erasing photos from phone memory, hoping that will work. As HE acting very weird. I think somethings very wrong with this phones guys. You don’t find it strange how suddenly all Lumias start to showing low memory and after ignoring that start to showing you error 805a8011?! To me this is enough of us to send to microsoft LARGE mail of how zthey fuck us up! They cant find this okay and selling to us mobile phones which will start to showing errors few months after we no longer could reclamate phone to distributer?! For me..when I came and saw how much of us have the same problem…oh man, I am so mad I could throw this mobile phone to a face of who ever is responsible for this crap here I am dealing with for a 3months. And only way to deal it is RESET. Don’t listen to this guy..because I girst think he want to help..but he is here only to wash our eyes lile there was solution other than reset. This OTHER solutions didn’t help anyone here! Noone. Omg..I am so sad/mad!

  26. Microsoft is really playing with our minds…we have been loyal customers of this phone but ts frustrating now….PLEASE FIND A REAL SOLUTION BEFORE PEOPLE START SUING

  27. The error 805a8011 is the most frustrating thing about the Lumia 520. Shame on Nokia for betraying our trust in their products.

  28. why is it that my htc 8x while updating to windows 8.1it stops on the way and shows an error……..
    …..i have tried to out many things but there is some stuff known as the preview for developers ………..i have tried and tried to login to it but it says am not a developer ……and i have also tried to create to Create a student developer account but its still the same it stops on entering verifications

    so i was kind of asking for you help any one with a developer account to temporally help me with it for a mean while ……….i will be grateful if u guys do so

  29. For anyone that comes across this article, these steps could work for you, sure, but let’s be real here: Windows Phone is an abandoned and now obsolete OS. No matter how much we want it to keep working, there will be a moment when servers are taken down and the phone will be unusable.
    It’s sad to see it go of course, this OS lacked in some areas but in others I’m confident to say it surpassed Android and iPhone. Its interface was slick and quick, apps didn’t keep on running in the background when you closed them, the store had some great apps you can’t find on any other store. It was a failure and the fault rests entirely on Microsoft. They completely abandoned it. Windows 10 mobile was a huge disappointment, riddled with bugs with a store even more devoid of apps. Half the phones on the market couldn’t update to it. And when they declared the OS dead, they were still selling phones that had it! A total scam.
    Myself, I tried every step this article explains and even more. The only step I didn’t try was making a hard reset. Why? Because there’s two big problems with that: 1. the backup could get stuck on a percentage making it unable to save any important data to restore later (this has happened to some commenters and to me as well), 2. in case the backup is successful, it would not backup your installed apps, and if the store error still persists, it would be unable to reinstall the apps because it doesn’t have access to the store. This is even worse if the apps you were using didn’t have a Cloud option. You’d have a phone with no apps whatsoever, only the ones preinstalled.
    Advice? Switch to Android or iPhone. There’s no other choice because the support will stop, the servers will be taken down, and this error will not be fixable anymore, if it even is fixable now.
    The OS it’s still somewhat usable. I can’t update my apps, (like Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.) because I don’t have access to the store, but I can still use them. So keep using your Windows Phone if you like, if you feel more comfortable with it. But don’t keep it as your main phone, or at least have a backup one, because the support for the OS and for the apps will stop, and it will render the phone useless.

  30. I’m getting the same error code (805a8011) when I try to open the store. According to all the comments above I understand that nothing seems to work, but it would be great if someone here could let me know an alternative way to update my whatsapp. My primary concern is to back up my whatsapp data. So if anyone has any idea about either updating whatsapp without the store or backup whatsapp data (using a PC, tool or anything), or get this store’s issue sorted.

    Note: I want a backup of my whatsapp but my whatsapp’s current version has expired. to update the same I need windows store to work but the store is betraying me with this code.

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