How to Fix Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones

Windows Phones are still one of the most used smartphones in the world and nowadays are exclusively developed by Microsoft. But even after creating such a great product, these devices often have some issues and problems. One of the problem among them is Windows Phone error code 80073CF6. Often users facing this error when trying to update or install any app from the App Store. Typically, the application is successfully downloaded, but when you try to install it, an error 80073cf6 appears.

This bug affects both Windows Mobile 10 and Windows Phone 8.1, but most often the error appears for users who uses Technical Preview version on their Windows phones. Symptoms that comes with this error are:

  • Unable to install any application from the Windows App Store;
  • Unable to update any application using Windows App Store;
  • Every time an app tries to update itself using Auto Update, the error 80073CF6 appears.

While this error occurs, user is facing with a message like this:

There is a problem completing your request. Try again later.

Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 80073CF6


You don’t have to worry as we already came up with the solution: here is an article on how to fix Error code 80073CF6 on Windows Phone which should help you to solve the problem.

Methods to Fix Error Code 80073CF6 in Windows Phone

Here are some different methods to fix the issue, perform them one-by-one and check if the problem gets solved.

Method 1: Try to use Wi-Fi or other Internet Connection

If you’re using mobile Internet to install or update app from the Windows App Store, then try to connect Wi-Fi or another mobile Internet provider and then try to install or update the app again. This could be effective in most of the cases.

If the above method didn’t work for you, then try the below method to fix the error.

Method 2: Check date/time settings

At first, go to the phone settings menu (Settings -> Date + Time ) and check if the date and time settings are correct. If your device automatically synchronize time setting from external source, try to turn off automatic time updates and set correct time manually.

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Method 3: Check your age on

Next, you need to check your account in the Windows Store. Problems with running certain programs may be related to some restrictions due to your age. You need to put in your account a date of birth, so that at the time of downloading of app you were full 21 years or more. Follow the instructions:

  1. Login using your phone Microsoft account (you can see your registered email in Settings -> Email+accounts -> Microsoft account);
    Error 80073CF6
  2. Check your date of birth. Change your birth date so that at the current moment you should be at least 21 years old;

If you cannot change the date, you’ll have to create a new account and confirm your email address.

Method 4: Check your SD card

The problem with installing Windows Store apps can be caused by the SD card’s issues. See if there is enough memory on it and check what class it has. Optimum is 8, but for modern powerful smartphone you should use SD 10 class card.

Also you can try to connect your SD card to computer with Windows and try to fix the errors using the chkdsk utility or format card by specifying the ex-FAT file system.

Error code 80073CF6

Method 5: Clear Cache and perform a Soft reset

Clearing cache and performing a soft reset works for a lot of people to solve this error in Windows Phones, so we recommend you to try this too, this method is effective in most of the cases:

  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> Internet Explorer -> tap on Delete History;
  • Now hold Power Button + Volume Down. Now the phone will restart;
  • Go to Settings –> Email + Accounts.  Tap and hold Microsoft Account and select Sync;
  • Now try to update or install any app and check for the results.
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Method 5: Perform Hard Reset for your Phone

Resetting your device’s settings returns it to the state it was in when it was first turned on. This results in the deletion of all personal data, as well as the return of the original factory settings of the phone.

If you decide to reset the phone, you can create a backup copy of applications, SMS and other data in the cloud. This backup will be restored onn your phone once the reset is done. Follow the instructions below:

Reset Windows Mobile:

This is the last method you need to perform. Just backup your data and reset your phone. Check if it works for you.

Backup Windows phone:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Tap on Backup;
  • Now tap on Apps + settings;
  • To back up your settings, tap on Settings Backup;
  • To back up your apps, tap on App Backup;

Reset The Phone

  • Go to Settings;
  • Tap on About;
  • Tap on Reset your Phone;
  • Now, two warning would prompt on your screen. Just tap Yes and move forward;
  • You have successfully reset your phone.

Tip. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi while restoring.

Restore the Backup

  • Set up your phone after Reset;
  • Sign in using the same Microsoft account as you used when you created your backup;
  • When you’re prompted to restore your phone, tap on the backup you created just before resetting your device, then tap Next;
  • If you’re asked to verify your account, provide the necessary security code and other options, then tap on Next;
  • Wait for the restore to complete, then tap on Next;
  • Enter passwords for your restored accounts, then tap on Next. That’s all, now you have successfully reset your phone without losing any data!

Now, error code 80073CF6 in Windows Phones has also been solved.


  1. Buddy, I even tried hard reset but it’s not working. I am still getting the same error code while installing wptorrent. Please help!!!!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the article. I’m facing same error and have tried first three methods which unfortunately didn’t work. So I will be resetting the phone now, before which I just want to make sure whether it will solve the error for sure.

  3. I’ve been using Android-based devices since the beginning, never had a single problem, now I’m forced to use a Lumia shitty device, EVERYTHING needs assistance, there is no one around capable to solve anything, every time I have problems of compatibility between this phone and its very own applications, i’m not talking about foreign apps, I’M JUST TALKING ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE BASED FREAKING APPS!!!!!! Wake up people, it can’t be true, a device not connecting with ***ANY*** of the apps expressively created for it BECAUSE simply it’s UNABLE to do that, no wifi problem whatsoever with all the other devices in my home, only THIS SHIT branded Microsoft still has problems. I wish everyone of you to wake up from the dead and finally THROW those devices in the trash can, I do hope these failures on the market will disappear as soon as possible, for me it’s only another day WITHOUT conectivity on my phone, I will toss it into the river just to get ANOTHER android device very very soon….

  4. My wife and I both have this issue on Lumia 920s when trying to update OneDrive. The first three solutions above all fail to resolve the issue. I haven’t tried a full reset of the phone yet because when I try to back up, that fails, saying I need to update OneDrive!

    I reported the issue to OneDrive Help and had a short email exchange with them. They have now supposedly escalated the issue.

    1. Suggestion from mr. SlyFoxNL (not me)

      Go to: ‘’
      Sign in
      Click on ‘Your info’
      Click on ‘Manage how you sign in to Microsoft’
      Change primary alias (if you don’t have one, make one and change primary alias)
      You can try to reach again 🙂
      I HOPE this will work for more people than only me!!! 🙂

  5. Ugghhh none of the solutions mentioned above worked out for me.
    All other apps are getting installed except whatsapp…none of the solutions could resolve it. 🙁

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