How To Fix Error Code 80048823 in Windows Phones : Solved

How To Fix Error Code 80048823 in Windows Phones : As most of the people are currently using one of the most oldest and defined operating system in their Smartphones that is Windows. No doubt Windows is one of the best operating System but sometimes people have to face some problems or issues. These issues are not that harmful and can be easily cured or fixed. Windows Phones had been developed by Nokia for a very long time and now Windows Phone are developed by Microsoft. As windows is complex in nature, so there are more chances of creating something with bugs. These bugs later causes some issues and problems and this is to faced by the User. I have discussed and fixed a lot of Error code in this blog. Today i’m going to discuss about the error code 80048823 in Windows Phones. This Error Code 80048823 comes up during Updating or while downloading Apps. This error code 80048823 in Windows Phones comes up many times and in different situation described below :

  • While Updating any App.
  • While Downloading a new App.

This Will show message like :

There is a problem completing your request.  Try again later.” Error code:80048823
How To Fix Error Code 80048823 in Windows Phones : Solved
As you can see both the above mentioned case includes downloading any app update or an app from the internet. This means that error code 80048823 in windows phones or error code 80048821 in windows phones comes up when someone tries to download something over the internet and which needs validation. As you have seen that such error code occurs just after putting the verification details like username and password. This is also one of the cause of such error codes.

Methods To Fix Error Code 80048823 in Windows Phones :

Here are some methods described which you have to test one by one. Among these method, One will definitely fix this error code 80048823 in Windows Phones or 80048821 in Windows Phones you are using.

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Method 1 : Check Microsoft Account

  • Go to: settings > Email + account
  • Check For your Microsoft account if it is syncing fine or it is showing “Attention Required“.
  • If you’re seeing “Attention Required” then tap on the account and re-enter your password. Try Now.

If this method doesn’t worked for you to fix error code 80048823 in windows phones. the try below methods.

Method 2 : Change Keyboard Layout

In most of the cases this is seen that  changing the keyboard layout has helped the user to fix this issue. Yes, this is very strange that just by changing the keyboard layout one can fix this issue but this has helped for many users who are having such trouble.

As i have seen that this method is helpful for some users. If it isn’t working for you to fix error code 80048823 in windows phones then try below one.

How To Fix Error Code 80048823 in Windows Phones : Solved

Method 3 : Connection Issue

Connection is one of the major issue which creates such problems. If you are using Wifi for downloading and updating apps. Then just switch to another Wifi or Mobile Data Connection. Because Disturbance in connection also leads to such issues.

If you are using Mobile Data Connection then switch to Wifi. This will definitely fix this error code 80048823 in Windows Phones.

Method 4 : Check

This method includes use of external computer or laptop connected to internet.

  • Go to in your Computer.
  • Login using your account Username and Password which you are using in your Windows Phones.
  • After login into your account, try to login this username and password in your Windows Phone.
  • It can happen that you’ll get “Your password is out of date”.
  • If so, then Re-Enter the Password.
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This will simply solve this error code 80048823 in windows phones and lets you download and update apps in your Windows Phone or Device. If none of the above methods worked for you then simply try to Reset your Phone.

Method 5 : Reset the phone

Make sure before the reset you should make a complete backup of your device which will be helpful even when you’ll lose all your data. This Backup will be restored in your Phone once the Reset is done. Process of Backup of Windows Phones is also Shown Below.

Backup Windows Phone :

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Backup”.
  • Now Tap on “Apps + settings“.
  • To Backup Your Settings, Tap on “Settings Backup”.
  • To Backup Your Apps, Tap on “App Backup”.

Reset The Phone

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on “About”.
  • Tap on “Reset your Phone”.
  • Now, two warning would prompt on your screen. Just tap “Yes” and move forward.
  • You have successfully “Reset your Phone”.

Note : Make Sure you are connected to WiFi while Restoring.

Restore the Backup

  • Set up your phone after Reset.
  • Sign in using the same Microsoft account you used when you created your backup.
  • When you’re prompted to restore your phone, tap on the backup you created just before Resetting Your Phone, then tap “Next”.
  • If you’re asked to verify your account, provide the necessary security code and other options, then tap on “Next”.
  • Wait for the restore to complete, then tap on “Next.
  • Enter passwords for your restored accounts, then tap on “Next”. And You have successfully reset your phone without losing any data.

Now, error code 80048823 in Windows Phones has also been solved.

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