Fix Windows Problems using Fix it

Modern Windows versions have a big set of built-in troubleshooting tools, which allow you to quickly fix bugs or errors caused by incorrect settings or other reasons. Before these troubleshooters appeared in Windows, Microsoft offered users nifty utility called Microsoft Fix It. This tool can run different scripts to fix simple problems that can bug a user without the knowledge of how Windows works or how to fix problems on its own.

It is worth noting that Microsoft Fix It nowadays is dead. Microsoft does not support it anymore. If you open official Fix It website, it will tell you that this utility is out of support now and offer you to use built-in troubleshooters. These troubleshooters can solve errors of bugs far more effective. If you want to know how to use Microsoft Fix It in Windows 10, we recommend you skip Fix It and use built-in troubleshooting methods instead.

  1. Press Win+ I, open Update & Security; fix windows 10 errors with Fix it
  2. Click Troubleshoot. Select the category that fits your problem and press Run the troubleshooter. Follow the on-screen 10 Fix it

Still, there are many people who did not upgrade to Windows 10 yet. They are keep using Windows XP or Windows 7, which does not have such a robust number of troubleshooters. Although Fix It is out of support, it still works and still can fix your PC quickly and completely for free. It can help you troubleshoot desktop features, problems with opening files or launching programs, playing games or multimedia content, installing or upgrading software or hardware, printing, security or performance.

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Before you start, notice, that Fix It is not a panacea. This tool won’t heal your PC miraculously. There are a lot of errors, bugs, malfunctions or defects, which Fix it can’t even detect, not to mention fixing these problems. Moreover, Fix It doesn’t work without Internet connection, so good luck troubleshooting your Internet connection using Fix It.

Here is how to troubleshoot Windows using Microsoft Fix It:

  1. First, download Microsoft Fix It. Unpack the archive using File Explorer or any other tool you prefer. For your information: you need Administrator account to run Fix It. If your profile has no Administrator access level, you will be prompted to enter Administrator password;
  2. Run Launch Fix It.exe file; errors windows 10 Fix it
  3. In the upper part of the windows, select the category your problem applies to and after that specify your request in the list below; errors windows using 10 Fix it
  4. Press Run now. After that, you will see a new troubleshooting Windows; fixing errors windows using 10 Fix it
  5. On the first screen select first option to allow Fix It automatically solve all the problem it found. Second option allows you to choose which fixes to apply. It fits better for those, who have more knowledge in the PC troubleshooting;
  6. Depending on what you are trying to fix, Fix It will ask you an additional question regarding what is going on. Give it as much information as you can; Fix it on windows 10
  7. Sit back and wait until Fix It searches for bugs in your PC. After that the program will show you what it has done or offer you to select which fixes to apply, if you have selected a second option.
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If the problem refused to go after you run Fix It, or Fix It told you that there are no problems with your PC, contact tech support or service center. Alternatively, you may look for the solution on the internet and try to fix your PC on your own.


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