Fix The Drivers For This Device are Not Installed (code 28) error

Quite often Windows users facing a problem when the system can’t identify the connected device. In such cases, the Device Manager contents an Unknown device and the next information displayed in its Device Status box: The Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed. (code 28).

Such error is related to Device Manager and it’s important to mention that in most cases Code 28 means that you don’t have the latest device’s drivers installed on your machine and all you need to do is just install them.

The Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed code 28

How to Fix The Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed Code 28?

Solution 1. Update Drivers for the Device

This method will be useful in case you know which device causes the issue or you even have its manufacturer’s CD with appropriate drivers to install. All you need to do is to install drivers on your PC.

In case you don’t have such CD – you can download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Download the latest drivers manually from the manufacturer’s official website. Run setup.exe or other executable files that you’ve downloaded;
  2. In case there is no executable file in your downloads: run the Device Manager (run Command prompt, then type in and run command msc), find the needed device in the list. Right click on it and choose its Properties. Now switch to Driver tab and press Update Driver button.
    code 28 update drivers
  3. After that – follow the installation wizard’s instructions and install the needed drivers.

Solution 2. Find and Install the Needed Drivers by Using Device’s ID

In case the device is not identified and you don’t know exactly what device causes issues, you might need its ID to try to find the needed drivers. To find out the ID of the device follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Device Manager, find the Unknown device in the list, right click on it and choose its Properties;
  2. In Properties switch to Details tab, now switch parameter in the field to Hardware IDs;
  3. As a result, you will see a few IDs. Almost every ID has some deeper information about the device. Now we are going to search the drivers by using the ID – right click on it and press Copy;
    code 28 unknown device
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We’ve found the ID of the device, now we need to find the needed drivers. The first thing – we will Google the ID to find the name of the device (or even a link to download the driver). When you got the name of the device – try to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website or a third-party website (do it at your own risk!).

code 28 search drivers

In case you can’t find them using the official website, try to use, as example, this website.

It has a great search option, you just need to paste the copied ID of the device into the search field and press Search. In case the drivers are in the website’s database—you can download the drivers directly from the website using the appropriate icon.

Solution 3. Try to Install the Needed Drivers in Compatibility Mode

Sometimes older drivers’ versions can be successfully installed by using the Windows compatibility mode. In case you have the drivers’ installation file (for example, on manufacturer’s CD) which causes errors – try to use the next method.

  1. Open the folder where the drivers’ installation file is located, right click on it and then choose its Properties;
    code 28 reinstall drivers
  2. Now switch to Compatibility tab;
  3. Check on Run this program in compatibility mode for: and try different OS versions (most often users are successful with Windows Vista).
    code 28 compatibility mode drivers

Solution 4. Use Fix it (Automatic Tool)

This is an automatic tool to fix the Code 28 issue. All you have to do is to download the Fix it utility from the below link and install it in your computer.

  • Download Fix it from here;
  • Install it on your computer;
  • Launch it and you will see the next options:
    • Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows;
    • Diagnose and fix Windows USB problems automatically;
      code 28 fix it
  • Choose any of the options above;
  • The rest of the work will be done automatically.
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Additional Methods on How to Fix Code 28

In case the error Code 28 didn’t disappear after you tried all of the steps above, you can perform one of these additional methods:

Roll Back the Driver to the Version Prior to Your Update;
  1. Run the Device Manager;
  2. Right click on the device which you want to roll back the driver and open its Properties;
  3. Switch to Drivers tab;
  4. Click the button Roll Back Driver.
Using System Restore to Undo the Changes

In case you’ve created the Windows restore points earlier – it’s the best time to recover recent Device Manager changes by using it. Error code 28 should disappear after that.

Tip. It’s better to perform a backup of your drivers from time to time because it can help you to restore the correct functioning of the hardware and devices (USB devices, scans, printers etc.) quickly.


  1. Will this Driver Fix App work in Windows 10? Also entered text is very light gray. This is an eyestrain for me. How about going back to conventional black?

  2. To fix the driver code 28 error, install the driver of the device generating the error. As I tried once and got to know that the error can also occur if the BIOS did not allocate enough resources.

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