How to Disable Windows Update?

Prior to Windows 10 customizing Windows Update was an easy task. Every user no matter which SKU it uses had an option to disable Windows Update any time and for any period. When Windows 10 came in 2015, things changed drastically. Microsoft took away an option to disable Windows Update and since then forces almost every user to install monthly patches and regular feature updates. This does not please all. There are many people that wish they had a chance to disable Windows Update. That is why the Internet is full of search queries like “how to pause Windows Update”, “How to disable Windows Update”, “How to turn off Windows 10 updates”, “How to delete Windows 10 update”, etc.

There is nothing wrong in updating your PC regularly. Problem is that Microsoft still struggles with providing high-quality updates. More often than not the Windows patches fix one thing and break another at the same time. Obviously, this generates a lot of “heat” toward Microsoft and missing turn off Windows Update button makes everything only worse.

Disclaimer: we do not recommend turning off Windows Update for good. Disable Windows Update only if you have a solid reason to do so. For example, you know that fresh update breaks something in your configuration or you just want to take a few days pause before installing fresh patches to make sure there are no user woes about another one broken update. We strongly recommend installing Windows patches because they make your computer safer and more reliable. Sure, sometimes bad things happen, but if you want to remain secured amid the deep dark sea of the Internet, it’s better to make sure you are running at least recent cumulative patches and feature updates.

If you are the one who wants to disable Windows update, we have good news for you. You can temporarily disable Windows Update for a couple of days or weeks. Usually, this period is enough to find out whether an update is safe or not. Additionally, you can always delete faulty Windows updates. There is still no “Turn off Windows Update” button, but at least you can officially pause it.

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Important things to know: this article does not mention any way to turn off Windows Update permanently. We do not recommend messing around with services and registry to turn off Windows Update for good. Again, this service is for your own safety and benefit, so keep it running and install fresh updates regularly.

Turn off Windows Update

First thing you need to do is to find which version of Windows 10 you are running. Hit Win + I on your keyboard and go to System – About.

disable windows update

Scroll a bit down and take a look at the Windows Specification section. What you are looking for is called Edition and Version.

Disable Windows Update – 1903 and higher

If Windows Specification says your PC is on 1903, then you can easily turn off Windows update no matter which edition you use. Home or Pro – anything goes.

Press Win + I and go to Update and Security – Windows Update. Right below the Check for Updates button you will find four additional buttons. Hit Pause updates for 7 days.

disable windows 10 update

Done. Now Windows Update is disabled for a one week. You won’t receive any update during this period. If the 7 days period is not enough for you, click Advanced options.

how to stop windows 10 update

In the new window, locate Pause updates section. From the drop-down menu select the day you want Windows Update to resume its operations. Note that you can defer Windows Update for 35 days max. If you want to run Windows Update back to normal, simply hit the Resume Updates button.

Turn off Windows Update – 1809 and below

Still on Windows 10 1809 or earlier? That is fine but now you have fewer options. The thing is that Windows 10 1809 and earlier allows disabling Windows Update only on Pro edition. Home edition users are out of luck – there is no option to disable Windows Update on Windows 10 Home 1809 and older.

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Press Win + I and go to Update and Security – Windows Update. Click on Advanced options.

turn off automatic updates windows 10

Turn on Pause updates. This option disables Windows Update for 35 days, not for a one week. After this period is over you can disable Windows Update once again but before you do, Windows will check for available updates and, obviously, install them.

how to turn off windows 10 update

Alternatively, you can switch to Semi-Annual Channel made for companies and business users. This option allows you to defer installing Windows feature update (going from 1809 to 1903, etc) up to 365 days and cumulative updates up to 30 days. Eventually, you will have to update anyway but you will have more than enough time to remain of the stable version of Windows until Microsoft patches and fixes new release.

  1. Go to Settings – Update and Security – Windows Update. Click Advanced options.
  2. Locate Choose when updates are installed and select Semi-Annual Channel from the drop-down menu (Semi-Annual Channel Targeted is the default). windows 10 turn off automatic updates
  3. Now select from the next two drop-down menus amount of days you want to defer Windows cumulative and feature updates.

There is another way to disable Windows Update. It will work for those who using Windows 10 Home Edition.

  1. Press Win + I and go to Network & Internet.
  2. On the Status Page click on Change connection properties. disable automatic updates windows 10
  3. Turn on Set as metered connection. disable windows update windows 10

This option tells the system that the current Internet connection is limited thus prevents Windows from automatically downloading updates in the background. Do note that turning this option on may limit the work of some apps in the background. This option will work fine as a temporary solution to avoid the buggy update.

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