How to Delete WindowsApps Folder?

If your PC shows hidden files and folders, you can find an interesting WindowsApps folder inside C:\Program Files folder. By default, it lives in the system partition (Drive C), but sometimes WindowsApps appears in other drives. Usually, this happens when a user decides to move the existing app from the drive C: to other partition or when it installs app or game directly on other than the system drive. In contract to Program Files folder, you can’t delete WindowsApps folder using Shift + Delete. Getting rid of WindowsApps folder is a bit cumbersome and complicated process. This article is all you need when you decide to remove WindowsApps folder.

For your information: we do not recommend deleting WindowsApps folder from drive C. Keep it there so the system may work properly. Remove WindowsApps folder only if you need to clean up other drives. Obviously, be sure to delete all the apps stored on that drive or move it to the drive C or other partition. It is completely safe to delete WindowsApps folder from any drive except C. We tested this method on the drive C using dummy account, so all our apps and data are safe.

How to Remove WindowsApps Folder on Windows 10?

Before you Shift + Delete WindowsApps folder, you need to give yourself a proper access level. By default, a user has no full access to this folder–even with Administrator privileges. Luckily, there is a way out.

  1. Press Win + E and locate WindowsApps folder on the drive you want to delete WindowsApps folder from. Right-click this folder and select Properties.
  2. Go to Security tab and click Advanced. windowsapps folder delete
  3. Windows will tell you that it is unable to display current owner in the Owner field. That is fine, we can ignore this message. Click Change. Do note that this button has a little shield icon. It means you need Administrator level access to change this parameter. remove windowsapps folder
  4. Now you need to enter your profile name or email you use to log in. Enter it in Enter the object name to select field and click Check names. You should not receive any errors. Press Ok. windows apps folder delete
  5. Next, place a checkmark next to the Replace owner on subcontainers and subjects checkbox. Press Ok and wait for the system to change ownership of all nested files and folders.
  6. Back to the Properties windows. Again, click Advanced on the Security tab.
  7. Click Change Permissions then press Add. delete windowsapps folder windows 10
  8. In the new window press Select a principal. Enter your profile name just like you did it previously. Do not forget to Check names before you press Ok. program files windowsapps delete
  9. Check Full Control and press Ok. remove windowsapps folder windows 10
  10. Check Replace all child object … at the bottom of the window and press Ok. Wait for the system to apply all the changes you made. program files windowsapps delete
  11. Now you can delete WindowsApps folder from Windows 10. Simply select it and press Shift + Delete. Before you do, be sure to close all the apps located on that drive. The best option is to remove them altogether before deleting WindowsApps folder, otherwise you may receive cannot delete WindowsApps folder message.
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One last thing: if you decide to install any app from the Microsoft Store again on that drive, WindowsApps folder will be back. In such case, you need to go through all the steps described in this manual. Luckily, now you are a pro when the need to remove WindowsApps folder arrives.


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