How to Create a Password Reset Disk?

Microsoft provides several methods you can use to access your PC again in case you can’t recall a password. One of such ways is creating a password recovery drive using a built-in wizard. This article will explain all you need to know about how to create a password recovery drive in Windows 10.

Important: password reset drive is designed for local accounts only. This feature is not available with online Microsoft accounts. Actually, such a drive is pointless in case of using Microsoft accounts because you can recover lost password using your phone, alternative email or plenty of other methods Microsoft provides.

What is a Password Reset Disk?

Password reset disk (some people also call it password reset drive) is a simple USB thumb drive with your password encrypted in a small system file. It is very easy to create password reset disk and even more easy to use it. If Windows says you entered an incorrect password, simply hit the password reset link below the password field.

How to Make a Password Reset Disk?

  1. First, make sure you have a local account in use rather than Microsoft account. Otherwise, you won’t even see the link to launch password reset disk manager.
  2. Press on Win + R on your keyboard to initiate a Run dialog. Enter control in there. This command launches Control panel.
  3. Go to the User Accounts section. password reset disk
  4. On the next screen, click User Accounts again. how to create a password reset disk
  5. Now locate the Create a password reset disk link on the left side of the window. windows password reset disk
  6. You will see a new window called the Forgotten Password Wizard. Press Next. what is a password reset disk
  7. Select a drive you want to use as a password reset disk. You can use any removable and rewritable drive to store your password recovery file. create password reset disk
  8. Press Next and enter the current user account password. Windows will write it to an encrypted file on your drive. how to make a password reset disk
  9. Hit Next and wait for few seconds. Usually, this process takes less than a second (it depends on how fast your drive and computer are). create password reset disk windows 10
  10. Click Next and close the Forgotten Password Wizard window.
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You may wonder whether you can continue using your drive for other purposes? Yes, you can. Your password will be secured in the special file called userkey.psw.

how to create a password reset disk windows 10

You can open your drive and check it. It is encrypted, thus when opening it in Notepad you will end up with a lot of cryptic mess even if your password is dead-simple.

how to create a password reset disk for another computer

That’s it. Password reset disk is now ready for use in case of an emergency. Just be sure not to lose it. We recommend storing passwords in a safe password manager or additional secured placed just for the peace of mind.

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