How to Change Windows Username?

Every time you install a fresh copy of Windows 10, out of box experience asks you to create either a local or online account. You cannot use Windows without it. Obviously, you need to give your username a proper name. Suppose you changed your mind or made a mistake. What to do? How to change Windows username? How to change the Administrator name in Windows 10? In this handy guide, we prepared all the necessary information for you to quickly change the profile name in Windows 10. Also, we will talk about how to change the user folder name in Windows 10.

This topic is especially important in case you use Microsoft Account to log in to your PC. For example, if your email is, Windows 10 automatically creates a user folder called “Blank” and there is little to nothing you can do about that after setting up your system. This, in turn, may lead to difficulties with working in Command Line, Windows Terminal, or PowerShell, when you need to use your username or user profile folder to enter commands. In this scenario, many users wonder how to change the Windows username or how to change the Windows user profile folder name.

How to Change Windows User Profile Folder Name?

Some websites provide shady manuals on how to change user profile folder name in Windows 10 using wacky registry editor tweaks, Command Line commands, and other weird stuff. We do not recommend this method. The user profile folder in Windows 10 is an important part of the operating system and changing its name can cause lots of troubles. There are no built-in tools to rename the user profile folder in Windows 10. There is a big chance that you can miss something or do not know about some important aspects of Windows you also need to tweak when renaming the user profile folder. This can cause weird issues and compatibility problems.

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So, what are my options? How do I rename the user profile folder in Windows 10? The only option you have is to delete your current profile and create a new one with a proper name. Yes, this process may be tedious, especially if you have a lot of data and installed apps, but that the only way to properly rename the user profile folder in Windows 10. Just deal with it. Move along to the next part of this article where we describe how to change Windows username. Create a new account using the guide below and give it a name you want to use as your primary account. After you set up everything, remove the previous account and you are good to go.

How to Change Windows Account Name?

Suppose you have a local profile and want to change its name (or you want to rename the user profile folder). If this user profile is the only profile on your PC, you need to create an additional profile, assign him administrator-level access, and use it to rename your primary username. Here is how to do it.

  1. On your keyboard, click Win + I to open Windows Settings. Go to Accounts. change windows username
  2. Click on Family & other users. In this section, you are going to create a new user with Administrator privileges to rename Windows username. Click on Add someone else to this PC. change windows account name
  3. Windows will show you a new window and ask to enter Microsoft Account details. We do not need that since we are going to use a temporary account to change the username in Windows 10. Hit I don’t have this person’s sign-in information and on the next screen Add a user without a Microsoft account. how to change windows account name
  4. Next, give a temporary user a meaningful name. Do not use Administrator or Admin. You can use something like Test or any random name. Leave the password field blank. how to change computer username windows 10
  5. Now you have to change its type from Local account to Administrator. In the Family & other users section, click your temporary profile and select Change account type. Note: to do this, your current profile should have Administrator access level. how to change login name on windows 10
  6. From the dropdown in the big blue windows, select Administrator and then Ok. rename user account windows 10
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Ok, now we have a temporary account we are going to use to change a username in Windows 10. Log out of your current profile and log in using the one we just made.

The funny thing about Windows 10 is that there are still dozens of settings missing from the new Settings app. The option to rename username in Windows 10 is one of those. This means we need to invoke an ancient app called Control panel.

  1. Hit Win + R and enter control. You will get a new Control Panel window. how to change login name on windows 10
  2. Go to User Accounts. how to change your account name on windows 10
  3. Again, click User Accounts (yes, those are the Control Panel jungles with many weird sections). how to change windows login name
  4. Hit the Manage another account link. how to change windows 10 login name
  5. On the next screen, Windows will show you the list of all available users on your computer. Click the user you want to rename. user name windows 10
  6. Select Change the account name. win 10 change username
  7. Give your profile a new name and log out of the temporary profile. how to change the login name on windows 10

Now you can log back in with your primary account and delete a temporary one. You can do this from Family & other users section. Click a temporary account and select Delete.

How to Change Administrator Name in Windows 10?

If you want to change the Administrator account name in Windows 10, there is no different manual for you. Just follow the guide above to change the name of any user in your PC (both regular local accounts and Administrator accounts).

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