How to Change System Language in Windows 10?

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world thus it should support hundreds of different languages in order to fit each and every user. Luckily for all of us it does. We can use Windows 10 in our native language or any other localization we prefer. Although system language is not the setting you may want to change frequently, sometimes there is a need to change the language on Windows 10. For example, you bought a laptop in another country or you selected the incorrect language during the process of creating a Windows installation media. If you feel lost and do not know how to change system language in Windows 10, don’t worry, this article will show you how to do it even if you do not know which language is currently in use.

Before you start: there is one rare Windows 10 SKU called Windows 10 Single Language Edition. There is no legal way to change system language in Windows 10 SL. The only option you have is to create Windows 10 Single Language installation media with the language you prefer or switch to Windows 10 Home/Pro. Luckily these two have no such limits and you can change language any time you want. Do note that you may need to buy separate license to use regular Windows 10 Home/Pro SKU’s.

How to Change Windows 10 Language?

You can quickly jump straight to the Windows 10 language settings section. All you need to do is hit Win + R on your keyboard and enter control /name Microsoft.Language. What we like in using command lines is that they do not depend on which language is currently in use. After you press Ok, Windows will automatically open Windows Settings and the Language section.

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change system language windows 10

But wait, what if my PC has no English input installed? Don’t worry, we got your back. Press the Start button at the bottom-left corner, then locate the button with a gear icon. It is right above the shutdown button. Alternatively, press Win + I on your keyboard.

change windows 10 display language

  1. Now you are in Windows Settings. Locate the button with a clock and letter “A”. This is the section that manages language, time and region of your PC. change language windows 10
  2. In the left panel, you will see four additional sections. What you are looking for is the third button with the same “A” letter. change display language windows 10
  3. Now find a big gray button with a plus icon. Click it and Windows will show you all supported languages. You can either search for the preferred language or simply locate it in in the long list of available languages. windows 10 language change
  4. Now press the bottom-left button. On the next screen make sure the second option is checked, otherwise, you won’t be able to set this language as a display language. Again, click the bottom-left button and wait for the language pack to be install. You better do not close this window and simply wait for the process to finish. It won’t take much of your time. change keyboard language windows 10
  5. Now you can change system language in Windows 10 to the one you prefer. In order to change the Windows 10 language, you need to open a drop-down menu that is located at the bottom of the window. Select your language and either sign-off or restart your PC. Windows should automatically ask you to do one of these. windows change system language
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One important thing to consider: you may have the language you want in the Preferred language section but no in the Windows display language drop-down menu. If you can’t change the language in Windows 10 to the one in the Preferred language section, then you probably did not download a language pack. Here is what you need to do in such a case:

  1. Click on a language you want to set as a default Windows 10 language. Select Options or the first button to the left of the selection area. change windows display language windows 10
  2. Hit Download below the Language Pack and wait. You can set this language as a default Windows 10 language after the system finishes downloading a language pack. windows change system language

That’s it.

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