How to Change Language on Mac?

When you get a brand-new Mac, it asks you to choose the preferred language during the OOBE process (out of box experience), so it is very easy to set the language you speak without any troubles. Getting a used computer is a completely different story. Although there is nothing wrong with used computers, the user may face something completely unexpected—user interface with a language he does not speak. What usually looks like a very simple process may turn out to be a very challenging situation. Similar trouble may arise when you buy a new Mac in another country (by default macOS uses default language for the country you bought it in). So, if you are stuck with a computer with a completely unknown language, this article is for you. It will tell you how to change the language on Mac in few simple steps.

Tip: in contrast to Windows, macOS comes with the only one SKU. There is no such thing as a “Single Language” SKU. It means that macOS does not limit your ability to change the language on Mac. You can switch Mac language any time you want and on any Mac device, you use.

How to Switch Language on Mac?

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner. It is universal for any available language. change language mac
  2. Now select the second option. In the English language, it is System Preferences but in a different language, it may look completely different. switch language mac
  3. In the first row of setting sections select the fifth option with bit blue flag and a globe. This is the Language and Region section. It manages everything related to country, language, regional standards, time format, temperature units, currency, the first day of the week, etc. Do note that these settings do not require an administrator password, which is nice.
  4. In the left side of the window check whether the language you need is available on the list. If it is not, click on the small + button. macbook change language
  5. Select the language you prefer. It will become visible in the small list on the left side of the window.
  6. Now click and hold the language you want to choose and move it to the top of the list.
  7. Restart your computer or log out and log back in.
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This is how you switch language on Mac.

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