How to change default browser in Windows 10 Mobile?

One of the most user requested features in Windows 10 Mobile is the ability to change the default MS Edge browser. It seems that Microsoft is on their way to give this opportunity for the users right now, but we don’t want to wait and in this article we will show you how to change the default browser in Windows 10 Mobile right now by editing the registry of your device.

Before we start, we would like to share information on how the default apps is installed in Windows 10 Mobile. There is a folder with many keys in registry, every of them has its own extension. Parameter of each key is a system name of the application, which will be opening the file with such extension. That’s why we need to make changes to 2 keys – HTTP and HTTPS – and specify the app you want to install as a default browser.

Changing default browser in Windows 10 Mobile

Important: TechCrises is not responsible for any damage of your device in case of implementing these instructions, so do it at your own risk.

To change the registry you will need to Interop Unlock your phone and then use Interop Tools/Interop Tools Beta. This time we will show you how to change the default browser in your Windows Phone for Monument Browser as example.

  • At first, we need to get the application Family name of the Monument Browser. To do that, open Interop Tools, choose This Device -> Applications. After that, check if you are at the Package List. Find the Monument Browser in the list and click on it.
    windows phone manage applications
    package info application
  • Find the Family Name parameter and copy it. For example, 54034Myrcello.Orions_ma0ktqe6vmpke.
  • Get back to the main page of the app. Now go to Registry Browser.
  • Go to branch
    Find strings http and https.
    registry browser defaultapplications
  • Open http key and set its Registry Value Data by pasting the Family name of Monument Browser (that you’ve copied before). After that tap on Write. Now repeat the same actions for https key.
    registry value data
    registry value data https
  • Now restart your smartphone. After that, all links from different apps will be opening via Monument Browser.
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If the default browser didn’t change, restart your phone few times and leave it for a while, it can take some time for updating.

Tip. In case you want to recover changes and set Microsoft Edge as a default browser again, you need to implement all these changes again, but this time you need to specify 2 keys with Family name of Edge browser. You can find them in Applications tab in Interop Tools.


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