USB Device Over Current Status Detected

If after turning on, your computer turns off by itself and the error message USB device over current status detected System will shut down after 15 seconds appears on the screen, it means that your computer has some problems with USB devices. In most cases this means that the over current protection is activated. Let’s try to figure out how to fix this problem.

usb device over current status

More often the error USB device over current status detected indicates a problem with one of the connected USB devices, USB hub or USB cables. To find the problem device, use the following tips:

  1. If you recently connected a new device to USB, accidentally spilled water on the keyboard, dropped the USB mouse or something like that, try to disconnect all these devices;
  2. Try to disconnect all USB devices and cables on the powered off computer;
  3. Inspect all USB ports for broken parts, foreign objects and large amounts of dust. There have been cases when, after cleaning the USB ports from dust, the error message disappeared;
  4. Check if the message USB device over current status detected has disappeared;
  5. If there is no error (or error changed to another, for example, the keyboard not detected), try to connect the devices one by one. Each time you need to power on the computer and check for the error;
  6. This way you can detect a problematic USB device. Probably this device is broken and you need to replace it or using another device.

Another one, rare and simple case is when you have recently moved the computer unit: make sure that it does not come into contact with any of the metal parts (radiator, antenna cable etc.).

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The next most common cause of such a problem is a damaged USB port/connector. If you often use a USB port, for example, when connecting and disconnecting a USB flash drive daily (most often this is affected by the front ports of the computer), this can also be a problem.

Even in cases where there are no problems visually with the USB ports and you do not use the front ports, we are recommend you trying to disconnect them from the motherboard. Very often it helps. Turn off the computer, open the computer case, and then disconnect the cables leading to the front USB ports. Then power on your device and check for an error.

usb device over current status detected

Note. You can check how to disable certain USB port on the computer in your motherboard’s manufacturer instruction.

Also check the USB power management jumper (USBPWR): in case you can’t find this jumper on the motherboard, it can also cause the error when the computer starts up. This jumper can also be signed as USB_PWR or USB POWER. There can be several jumpers on the computer, for example one for the rear USB ports (USBPWR_R), the other for the front connectors (USBPWR_F). If you have recently done some work inside the computer case, be sure to check these jumpers.

usb device over current detected

Another cause of the error USB device over current status detected may be a malfunction of the resistor that identifies the presence of voltage on one of the USB ports. In this case, it’s better to take the computer to a service center.

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