Blood Pressure Watch and Other Gadgets that Can Improve Your Life

Tech trends are focusing on products that will chip away at the difficulty of day to day life. Life is hard, but with automation, you can enjoy a smarter, more stress-free life.

Get smart! Make your everyday life super efficient. It’s 2019, and tech just got better. Whatever task you’ve got in mind, there’s a better, faster, and smarter way to accomplish it. We round up the coolest useful gadgets you’ll want to get in 2019. These intelligent gadgets put technology to play most skilfully. Prepare for your mind to be boggled.

Omron Avail Tech Pain Relief

Many people around the world suffer from chronic pain. And despite being effective, treatment with drugs can disrupt everyday life. Omron’s Avail system aims to relieve chronic pain using technology. Spend your valuable time on something more satisfying (rather than the pain, of course).

The gadget relies on transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) which uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate your nerves and relieve pain.

There are tons of TENS devices available in the market, but Avail is FDA approved. This wireless device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you seamless control. It comes with two soft pads you attach to various areas of the body and five pre-programmed pain relief modes to manage pain. From arthritis to sore muscles, Avail gives you instant pain relief.

Philips SmartSleep – Wear your Sleep

How does a tracker that improves your sleep quality sound? Manage your sleep quality with the ease of an app. Most sleep trackers and apps nag you to bed earlier so that you wake up refreshed. But with the snazzy Philips SmartSleep, you don’t need to enforce a strict bedtime. It ensures the sleep hours you get are most restful.

Does this sound like a pipe dream? Numerous people struggle with quality snooze time and have tried everything to get quality sleep to no avail. Lucky for you, Philips SmartSleep is backed up by clinical evidence.

This comfy headband not only tracks your sleep but reacts to it. It comes with two sensors which monitor your sleep patterns. And release tones proven to enhance slow wave sleep (REM sleep) to make you more alert during the day. If you can’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep during the night, Philips SmartSleep ensures you get the most of the snooze time.

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Samsung SmartThings Home Router and Hub

Consider the Samsung SmartThings home router and hub to be your new BFF. Wi-Fi lets you connect every device within the property without running a single cable, but it can be quite unreliable sometimes. Wi-Fi signals are obscured by walls and can fail to carry through the entire house. It can be quite frustrating if you want to tune in to your favorite Netflix show or have an urgent work deadline.

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi router guarantees you of a seamless and efficient connection. It uses mesh networking technology to enclose your entire home with multiple routers working seamlessly together. Each router can cover about 1,500 square feet while a pack of three can cover 4,500 square feet.

It is an excellent addition to your home network. It integrates Plume’s AI-based technology to optimize your Wi-Fi performance intelligently. And ensure every gadget gets the maximum speed whether you’re downloading streaming files or playing games.

The in-built SmartThings hub gives you control over 200 SmartThings enabled devices via the SmartThings app for iOS and Android users.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Mastering a healthy lifestyle becomes a whole lot easier with a wearable personal assistant like Omron Blood pressure monitor. Take your blood pressure anywhere, anytime with this smart blood pressure watch.

This lightweight and apt smart watch is designed to fit your lifestyle. You get to track your heart data and assess how your lifestyle is affecting your heart health. With this powerful technology, monitoring and managing your blood pressure has never been easier.

Also, monitor your fitness activity, sleep patterns, quality of sleep, and sleep period. Keep heart attack and stroke at bay.

This compact wireless device offers great smart features and an easy to read display. It is small and portable, making it easy to use at work, the gym, or while commuting.

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Tigress Alert – Amp Your Security

No one will be able to refuse the Tigress alert. This device is an inspiration of the military and serves various purposes. You can use it when you are in danger or when you need to call for help in case of an unexpected tragedy or accident.

The tigress alert produces a 130 decibel sound that is attached to your backpack, keychain or purse. The sound is equivalent to a jet taking off from an aircraft. Get rid of attackers and swiftly alert passersby when in danger thanks to its ear-splitting noises.

Its striking effectiveness makes it one of the worlds’s most sought after safety devices.

NightGuide – Smart Driving Glasses

Wearable technology is gaining momentum fast. Everyone is raving over the impressive results these NightGuide glasses provide. Nightguide driving glasses are a practical solution for most people.

They give you better night vision when driving, which is when most accidents occur. If you’ve been driving for quite some time, you know there is a vast difference between driving during the day and driving at night. These high definition smart glasses enhance your vision and amp the colors you see at night for a better view of your surroundings. Plus the sleek design is stunning.

Hurrise USB Smart Wi-Fi LED Mosquito Light Trap

Invest in this clever Hurrise USB Smart Wi-Fi LED Mosquito Light Trap if you are always being devoured alive by mosquitoes. This USB powered mosquito killer is silent and non-toxic to the environment. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands allowing you to control the devices from anywhere. You can connect computers, mobile power, adapters, or accessories with USB ports.

To sum it up

Every day some new apps and gadgets are being invented to help better our lives. Thanks to technology, these cool gadgets will improve all aspects of your life forever.

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