Windows 10 Touchscreen not Working

There are few reasons why touchscreen on Windows 10 computer may not work. Physical damage is the very first thing which comes to mind when you wonder why Windows 10 touchscreen now working. Even if there are no cracks, scratches or visual damage on the screen, the digitizer may die after being severely hit. But do not be quick to panic. If your Windows 10 touchscreen does not work and you can’t see any signs of physical abuse, perhaps you’ve been visited by a simple bug or software issue. And if broken hardware in 99% of the situations requires you to go to the local service, there is a chance you can fix software problems without even leaving your house or paying a single penny.

Windows 10 Touchscreen Stopped Working

Make sure your PC is not deadlocked. Try using trackpad (if available) and keyboard. If you use Windows 10-tablet, connect at lease mouse to the computer and make sure it works. Perhaps you will have to use a USB hub or dongle, depending on what type of connection your table has.

If you plug in a mouse but still get no response from the system, try rebooting your PC by pressing and holding the power button. There is a big chance that your system is simply stuck and hard-reboot will get your touchscreen back to operating.

Tip: reboot your computer every time you encounter issue or bug. Try to fix it only if it remains in the system.

After you regain control of the system using a mouse, right-click on the Start menu button and select Device Manager.

  1. Expand Human Interface Devices and look for HID-compliant touch screen. windows 10 touch screen not working
  2. Click on it and go to menu ActionsDisable device. touch screen stopped working windows 10
  3. If there are few HID-compliant touch screen entries, repeat the step above with each of them.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Again, go to Device Manager, expand Human Interface Devices and click on HID-Compliant touch screen.
  6. Click on Actions – Enable Devices. Repeat this for every HID-Compliant touch screen device listed under Human Interface Devices section.
  7. Reboot your computer and try using a touchscreen. If the digitizer and screen are intact, the touchscreen should be back to operating.
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Windows 10 Touchscreen Does not Work

If the manual above did not help you fix broken Windows 10 Touchscreen, don’t give up. Consider a few additional tips which may help you to deal with Windows 10 touchscreen not working problem:

  • Open Settings and go to Update and Security – Windows Update. Check whether there are new updates. If there are, download and install them.
  • If Windows 10 Touchscreen stopped working after Windows updating, try uninstalling Windows updates. Incompatible with new Windows 10 version drivers are one of the most popular reasons why Windows 10 Touchscreen not working. Roll back to the previous version and wait for the developers to update drivers and push them through Windows Update or publish on their website.
  • Go to your device support webpage and download all available drivers. Install them one after another.
  • Reinstall Windows. Don’t roll your eyes. Consider this step as your last hope before heading to the local service or shop. Backup important data and reinstall Windows. When you are on desktop, connect to the Internet and go to Settings – Update and Security – Windows Update. Download all available updates including drivers. Reboot your computer and try whether Windows 10 Touchscreen is still not working.

Still no luck? At this moment the best we can recommend you is to visit your local service and get proper maintenance, fix or a replacement device.

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