Windows 10: Taskbar not Hiding

Many PC users are facing with a not-so-big, but still unpleasant problem when taskbar not hiding in Windows 10. This is especially worrying when watching videos in full screen mode. This article describes how to solve this problem in several ways.

It is worth saying that the most likely reason for this situation is that even from previous versions of the system, some programs block the taskbar to make the user to be able to immediately pay attention to notifications and messages. At least this affects the correct behavior of the panel.

Method 1: Restart the Windows Explorer

The fastest and easiest solution, which often leads to a positive result, is to reload the Windows Explorer process, which will force the windows to redraw again. In this case, the system will understand that the priority of delivery is full-screen video.

  1. Open the Task Manager via RMB on panel.
    windows 10 taskbar not hiding
  2. On the first tab look at the Windows Explorer.
  3. Open its menu via RBM and press “Restart”.
    taskbar not hiding

After that, the issue will disappear. However, in some cases, it returns after rebooting the PC. Therefore, one of the following methods may help.

Method 2: Automatically Hide the Taskbar

If you want the taskbar to hide automatically (even if some window does not touch the sides of the screen), you need to change the panel settings. There is a special toggle switch responsible for its behavior.

  1. Open the Taskbar context menu using RMB → select Taskbar Settings.
    windows taskbar not hiding
  2. Enable hiding in desktop mode.
    windows 10 taskbar not hiding in fullscreen

Thus, the taskbar will pop up when you mouse over the area of its hiding. Also, the focus on the panel can be done through the key combination Win + B or Win + T (transition between applications).

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Method 3: via PowerShell

The above operation can be done using PowerShell. This may be necessary in case of remote access to the computer.

  1. Launch PowerShell as an administrator.
    auto hide taskbar not working
  2. Type or paste the following code:
    $value=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $path).Settings;
    &Set-ItemProperty -Path $path -Name Settings -Value $value;
    &Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}

    taskbar not disappearingA little explanation: here is the work with the Windows registry. The ninth element of the array $value is responsible for hiding the taskbar. The value 3 is written to it. In order for the panel to appear again, it is necessary to replace this value with 2 to get $value[8]=2.

This code can be added, for example, to the .bat script to quickly repeat the operation if necessary.

Method 4: Disabling the Notification Focus

In some cases, system notifications can also block the panel and it will be shown above the other programs running in full screen mode. Then it is enough to disconnect notifications from applications and other programs.

  1. Go to Settings via Win + I → go to the System section. windows 10 auto hide taskbar not working
  2. Choose the “Notifications & actions” tab. In the center, disable the “Get notifications from apps and other senders” toggle switch.
    taskbar not hiding in fullscreen windows 10

Other Useful Info

You should also be aware that sometimes programs in which an active action has taken place and that requires your attention (usually their icons on the panel are highlighted in orange by default), may prevent the panel from hiding. In this case, just check what this program wanted from you and the panel will hide again.

Another very quick way to try to hide the taskbar is to call the Start Menu via the Win button. After its appearance, press this button again to hide the menu. This sometimes helps when working with full-screen programs.

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