How to Fix VIDEO TDR FAILURE Blue Screen of Death Error?

Blue screen of death is no joke. Especially, if you did not save your work. Random BSOD does not necessarily mean that your PC is in trouble. Errors happen, so don’t panic and be sure to save your work as frequently as possible. Things are getting worse if BSOD happens constantly with cryptic errors such as VIDEO TDR FAILURE. If you wonder how to fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE error, here you will find a few ways to resolve this annoying error.

What is Video_tdr_failure Error?

Don’t rush to restart your PC when BSOD hits you. Let your system gather necessary information and create a memory dump file. Also, a time-out allows you to take a look at the error code and find out which file has caused a blue screen of death. Word “video” already points to the fact the GPU is the source of trouble. Moreover, after the video_tdr_failure there is an additional file like atikmpag.sys, nvlddmkm.sys or igdkmd64. You will find one depending on which GPU is installed in your PC. Atkmpag.sys is for AMD cards, nvlddmkm.sys exists in PCs with Nvidia GPUs and igdkmd64 shows up when a BSOD happens in a PC equipped with Intel iGPU.

Video_Tdr_Failure stands for Video Timeout Detection and Recovery Failure. In other words, your GPU stopped responding to the requests of the operating system. If it hangs too many times in a row, Windows crashes. Good news is that you can fix video_tdr_failure error quite easy with your software, but at the same time video_tdr_failure error may be connected to the hardware issue. Let’s take a look on how to fix video_tdr_failure blue screen of death.

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How to Resolve Video_tdr_failure Blue Screen of Death Error on Windows 10?

First, check your overclocking settings. If you try to push your GPU to the limits, be ready to face the video_tdr_failure error. If you don’t overclock your GPU, skip this step.

Every GPU is unique thus overclocking settings won’t be the same for every GPU. Try to lover core clocks and memory clocks or reset these settings to the default value (the safest option). If your system crashes with video_tdr_failure right on the login screen, boot in the Safe Mode, delete overclocking profiles and boot back to the normal mode. Another sign that overclocking is the reason for video_tdr_failure is that Windows crashes only during intense load on a GPU.

Second, check the GPU driver. Start with updating driver to a newer release (if available). Go to Nvidia, AMD or Intel website and download the most recent driver for your specific model. Don’t try to update a driver using Device Manager. If you have the most recent driver installed, roll it back to the previous version.

Third, let’s talk iGPU. Update or roll back a GPU driver even if your PC has an integrated GPU. In addition to that, be sure to check your RAM. This is important because iGPU uses RAM to operate thus RAM errors may cause some weird GPU troubles. It is also worth noticing that if RAM problems usually led to additional troubles and system instability.

Fourth, miners and viruses. Close all programs and launch Task Manager. Go to the Performance tab and click on GPU column. You will see all the processes that load your GPU. If you notice some suspicious activity in there, search on the Internet what those processes mean. Perhaps, your PC is infected with cryptocurrency miners and they cause video_tdr_failure.

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video tdr failure

Fifth, registry tweaks. Microsoft recommends using this method when video tdr failure strikes your PC. This will help only if your GPU has no physical problems or damage. Using registry tweaks, you can increase time-out after the system crashes.

  1. Launch Registry Editor using Win + R – regedit command.
  2. In the Registry Editor path paste the following: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers.
  3. In the right side, locate parameter TdrDelay and change its value to 8. If it is missing, press the right button on your mouse on any blank space and select New – DWORD (32-bit) value. video_tdr_failure
  4. Rename it to TdrDelay and set its value to 8. video tdr failure windows 10
  5. Restart your PC.

Do note that changing TDR Delay may cause your system to freeze in case your GPU stops responding. Increasing delay will let Windows wait a bit longer for a GPU to respond thus avoid crashing into BSOD with video tdr failure.

If you had no luck and none of the methods above helped you try reinstalling Windows with different GPU drivers. If that did not help either, you need to call a service to check your GPU.

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