How to Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error?

While running executable files or when trying to install applications or games you can face error The requested operation requires elevation. Sometimes you can also notice an error code 740 and additional information like CreateProcess Failed or Error Creating Process. It’s important to mention that most often this error occurs neither on Windows 10 nor Windows 7 or 8. This time we will take a closer look on The requested operation requires elevation error, discuss its possible causes and show you how to fix it.

What the Causes of The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error and How to Fix It?

As we can see from the title, this error is related to permissions which are granted when running the program. But permissions settings are not always a way to fix the errorthe error can also occur when the user is acting within administrator account or/and the program is being run as administrator.

Now let’s take a look at the most common situations when users are facing with The requested operation requires elevation error:

Error Appears After File Downloading and When Running

In case you’ve just downloaded some executable file or installation wizard (like DirectX web-installer), then trying to run it and facing an error message that looks like Error creating process. Reason: The requested operation requires elevationmost likely, you ran the file using your browser (not from the folder manually by using the File Explorer).

The requested operation requires elevation

So what is actually happening when you are running the file using the browser? The file that is usually require administrator privileges is being run using common user account and this causes issues. The simplest solution in such case is to run the file manually from the folder using File Explorer (of course, you need to use account with administrator privileges).

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Tip. If the instructions above won’t workright click on the file and choose Run as administrator (only in case you are sure that the file is safe and not infected).

Check on Run this program as administrator in Properties of the Executable File

Sometimes user can change compatibility settings for the application to achieve some goals (right click on .exe file -> Properties -> switch to Compatibility tab and check on Run this program as an administrator).

Usually that doesn’t cause any issues, but in case you are running the application by using the context menu in File Exploreryou can face The Requested Operation Requires Elevation error (this is happening because the File Explorer runs the items from context menu with the privileges of a common user by default and can’t run the program that has a turned on setting Run this program as administrator).

error requested operation requires elevation

You can fix the problem by right clicking on .exe file -> then go to Properties -> switch to tab Compatibility and check off the setting Run the program as an administrator. If the option is not activepress button Change settings for all users and check it off from there.

Requested Operation Requires Elevation privileges

Apply the changes and try to run the application again.

Important! In case the setting is checked off, you need to try to check it onthis can help to solve the issue in some situations.

Other Program Needs to be Run with Administrator Privileges

Error The requested operation requires elevation with error code 740 and messages like CreateProcess Failed or Error Creating Process can be caused by other program that require administrator privileges.

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Here are few examples of such situations:

  • The error can occur if you are running cracked installation wizard (downloaded from torrent) which is also installing vcredist_x86.exe, vcredist_x64.exe or DirectX;
  • In case the file is a launcher that runs some other applications too;
  • The same error can occur while using *.bat and *.cmd files.

Possible solutions:

  1. You can try to disable the installing of additional components during installation using options in wizard or try to install them manually (usually other executable files are located in the same folder, like the file setup.exe);
  2. Try to run the program or command file with administrator privileges;
  3. When using files *.bat, *.cmd or in your own programs (in case you are developer)try to use the next command (not the path to the program):
     cmd /c start path_to_application

    * in such case the UAC will be turned on if it’s needed

Additional Information

When you are facing The requested operation requires elevation error, at first check if your account has administrator privileges and then perform the instructions above.

In case the instructions didn’t help youtry to use some of these solutions, they might help you too:

  • In case you are facing error when saving or exporting the filetry to set some other user’s folder for saving or exporting operation (Documents, Images, Music, Video, Desktop);
  • This method is not recommended (do it on your own risk!), but you can try to turn off UAC (User Account Control) to solve the issue.


  1. Wow! Thanks! I’ve been trying to resolve “”The requested operation requires elevation” problem for days without success. I’ve been attempting to change the ownership of the files . How frustrating! Then used your suggestion to check the compatibility, and it was set for Windows XP, whereas I’m running Windows 7. I changed it to 7 and voila! Success!

    Thanks again!

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