How to Fix SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Windows 10 Error?

Every time Windows encounters a critical problem it can’t solve, the BSOD appears. Most of the time, a blue screen of death appears due to errors or bugs in drivers which are necessary for the hardware to operate. SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION is one of the error codes you may see next time BSOD hits you. Don’t panic if you encountered a random blue screen of death. Things are getting worse if BSODs happen frequently or during a specific workload. If SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION is what causes you and your PC to suffer, just read this article. It will tell you what to do if you are facing SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Windows 10 error.


First, you need to take a closer look at the error code. Every BSOD consists of a primary error message and an additional file. Usually, it has a .sys extension. These files point towards a driver which causes trouble. All you need to do is find which driver this file represents, then treat it as you usually do with any other driver.

For your information: SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION error caused by driver issue may appear even if you did not update any drivers. Windows constantly downloads new updates and install them in the background. If you are not OK with this, consider disabling automatic driver installation and updates. This will give you peace of mind once you installed all the drivers and made sure they work perfectly fine with all the software you use.

Ok, let’s back to our BSOD. Usually, a blue screen of death gives you a few seconds before a PC automatically restarts. It gives you a chance to snag a picture of an error code to investigate it later. Write the .sys file name and simply look for it on the internet. For obvious reasons we can’t provide you a complete list of files and what they represent but here are some popular files people usually see when SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION error hits them.

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Dxgkrnl.sys, Nvlddmkm.sys, Atikmdag.sys. These are GPU-related drivers. Which one appears in your case depends on what graphics card you prefer (Nvidia, AMD or Intel). Tip: use DDU utility to completely wipe the graphics driver when troubleshooting this error.

Netio.sys. This one is related to the network card (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). Try installing original drivers from your motherboard manufacturer website. If you have the most recent driver installed, try to roll back a driver.

Ks.sys (alternatively, kc.sys). Webcam or sound card driver file. SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION error in Windows 10 with a ks.sys file may happen when you to install or launch Skype or any other software which uses a built-in or discrete webcam. In this case, you can try to switch to the default Windows driver in the Device Manager. Here is how to do it:

For your information: do not use this method to fix GPU driver issues.

  1. Hit Win + X on your keyboard and select Device Manager. system service exception
  2. Select the device you troubleshoot and right-click it. Select Update Driver. system service exception windows 10
  3. Click on Browse my computer for driver software. system_service_exception
  4. Next, hit Let me pick from a list of available drivers. stop code system service exception
  5. Select the one named similarly to Microsoft Basic Adapter or any other alternative driver available. bsod system service exception

If you can’t pinpoint which file causes SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Windows 10 error, download a free utility called BlueScreenView. It allows you to check which driver caused recent BSOD. Before you use it, make sure you have Automatic memory dump file saving enabled. If you can’t use your PC due to constant SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION error, boot it in Safe Mode, enable memory dump, and use BlueScreenView to determine what is the reason for this madness.

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If nothing helps, try the following:

  • Update Windows. Always, we repeat, always update Windows when you troubleshoot BSODs. This tip works in reverse too. If errors annoy you after a recently installed update, roll it back.
  • Use Windows restore points. This is a very convenient feature which saves you a lot of time when your PC goes bad. Rollback to the previous restore point if available.
  • Reinstall Windows. Also, try using previous supported Windows 10 versions or update to the newest release.
  • Check your hardware. Make sure it is properly connected and has no visible damage. If possible, connect it to another PC and try it.

We hope this will help you fix SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Windows 10 error.

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