How to Fix Driver IRQL not Less or Equal Blue Screen Error?

Oh, those blue screens of death. Something that can easily freak you out and scare really hard. You are simply working or playing, and suddenly boom–your PC crashes, all unsaved data is lost, and all you see is a pathetic sad smile on the blue screen of death with a cryptic driver IRQL not less or equal message. How to fix this? Where to start?

The problem is that it is really difficult to troubleshoot these kind of problems. Blue screens of death often lack a meaningful or clear explanation of what has happened. Usually, all the user is getting is a strange error message at best. The same goes with driver IRQL not less or equal error. Many unobvious things can be causing this error. There is no one clear way how to fix driver IRQL not less or equal error. All we can do is to tell you a few things you may consider trying.

Fix Driver IRQL not Less or Equal Blue Screen of Death Error

Driver IRQL not less or equal error usually appears when the driver has troubles working with the memory (RAM) in your computer. The first thing a user may think is to reinstall or update drivers. That is true. One of the ways to fix driver IRQL not less or equal error is messing around with drivers. But before you get there consider checking memory first.

  1. Press Win + R and enter mdsched.
    Driver IRQL not Less or equal
  2. Hit the Enter button and click Restart now and check for the problems. Obviously, you need to close all your programs running and save all important data. fix Driver IRQL not Less or equal error
  3. Your computer will restart and boot straight to the built-in memory check utility. Good thing is that this tool comes default with every Windows installation since the ancient times. No need to download third-party apps which makes it possible to run this app quickly.
  4. Wait for the system to perform memory check. If you got error messages, consider troubleshooting your memory. Replace it if possible, remove one or another stick, etc.
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If the memory in your computer is fine, time to fix the problematic driver. When you encounter driver IRQL not less or equal error, look for the file name in braces after the error code. It should be something like name.dll (for example, ati65.dll). Additional possible extensions are .drv, .sys, and .vxt.

  1. Boot to the recovery menu. Press Win + I and go to Update and Security – Recovery. In the Advanced startup, section click Reboot now. Windows will get you to the recovery menu. how to fix Driver IRQL not Less or equal error
  2. Click Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Command Prompt.
  3. Enter DEL /F /S /Q /A “D:\Windows\System32\drivers\ Instead of type file name you’ve got along with the error message. This command will wipe out a problematic driver from the system.
  4. Now restart your computer. There is the big chance that after you get to the desktop some devices or system parts won’t work. That is totally ok because you removed a driver from the system and now the corresponding hardware can’t work properly. Press Win + X and select Device Manager. Locate the device with a missing driver. It will be marked with a yellow exclamation sign. fix Driver IRQL not Less or equal
  5. If you know which part has no driver installed, go to the official website and get a new one or the previous version (if there are no updates available). Install it and watch your PC closely. If you don’t, right-click the devices and select Properties.
  6. Go to Details tab and from the Property drop-down menu select Hardware IDs. Just Google the values you see to find the details about your device. Then install drivers and try using the computer as you normally do. Driver IRQL not Less or equal BSOD
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Important: never download separate dll files or any other corrupted files. Use only official drivers from the trusted source (e.g., official website). Dll files from third-party websites can spread malware and other bad things you do not want to get on a computer. Fixing driver IRQL not less or equal error is a headache itself so do not make it worse by getting a virus from unknown dll file.

If the method about did not help you, try reinstalling Windows from the scratch and installing drivers one after another from the official websites.

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